9 Tips For Better Juicing For Health And Weight Loss

juicing for health

Juicing is an amazing way to cleanse the body, boost immunity, help prevent or treat various diseases and conditions, etc. Juicing is also a great way to encourage weight loss while improving your general health which is why many people are out here juicing for health and/or for weight loss because it is very effective.

While your doctor will not tell you that fruits and vegetables will cure various diseases and conditions, fruits, vegetables, grasses, etc, are vitamin and mineral packed and they also contain various healing compounds from carotenoids to flavonoids which can help to create a healthy disease free body.

While foods can harm in the long run if you eat them constantly (sugary, fatty processed foods), there are other foods which have the power to heal and the foods that have this ability are usually the nutrient rich, plant-based foods which are the first line of defense against many diseases and conditions.

These vitamins and nutrients help to boost immunity while helping the body get rid of harmful disease-causing properties such as toxins and free radicals. In women, these vitamins and minerals contained in fruits and vegetables can help to promote hormone balance.

If you do a juice fast or substitute at least one meal a day with juice, this can also help with rapid weight loss.

Juicing is an awesome approach because the recommended five to seven servings a day of fruits and vegetables is impossible for many people to eat each day. But with just a single 8 ounce glass of vegetables and fruit juice, you will be able to meet your daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables.

9 Tips for effective juicing for health and weight loss

  1. You should only make eight ounces of juice per day. When you drink large quantities of juice especially if it is fruit juice, it can create an acidic environment in the body which is not considered healthy.

In addition, some fruits such as grapes have high sugar content which can help to promote hormone imbalance.

  1. Make sure that you focus more  on juicing vegetables and be less focused on fruits for the reasons discussed above. Vegetables are more alkaline and can help eliminate or reduce an acidic environment in the body which helps to make you healthier.

Fruits do contain beneficial vitamins and minerals despite the sugar content so don’t eliminate fruits entirely but just make sure that vegetable juice is the focus.

  1. Drink the juice within 30 minutes of making the juice because the juice will lose its nutritional value very fast.
  2. It is best to drink the juice on an empty stomach or drink it two to three hours after a meal.
  3. Take your time by swishing the juice around your mouth before swallowing it.
  4. Use various fruits and vegetables as juicing is one of the best ways to incorporate a wide variety of vegetables and fruits at the same time even those that you may hate eating when cooked but you can stand when their juices are combined with other fruits and vegetables.
  5. When juicing vegetables, use the various parts such as the leaves and the stems.
  6. Select a good juicer which can work effectively with vegetables, fruits, grasses, etc. This is one area where you need to make an investment in your health and well-being. Click here for a selection of some of the best tools that you can buy for healthier eating this year such as juicers, blenders, etc.

A blender will also be good to have because unlike a juicer, it does not eliminate fiber which is a very important for health and well-being. You can actually juice certain fruits and vegetables and then add the juice to whatever you are blending including fiber for even more health benefits.

  1. To prevent boredom when juicing for health and weight loss, have access to various juicing recipes and don’t be afraid to come up with your own creations some of which may turn out to be too gross to drink but juicing will definitely help get your creative juices (no pun intended) flowing as you come up with combinations that you prefer.

Juicing is a great start to cleanse and detoxify your body in addition to helping you lose weight which is an important factor because being overweight can lead to various health issues while making you feel bad about yourself. It will definitely give you the boost you need as far as your health and well-being is concerned.

Juicing for health and weight loss is one of the best ways to turn a new chapter in your life by helping put your health and well-being in your hands.

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