Best Product Of The Month – Ecotools Stippling Brush

ecotools stippling brush review

I used to love using brushes to apply my foundation until I discovered sponges which led me to the beautyblender and though I still love my beautyblender, this Ecotools Stippling Brush is now being used as often as my beautyblender which was a surprise to me.

I have wanted to try Ecotools brushes for a long time since I always see them at my local drugstores and grocery stores but I finally gave in when ULTA was having a buy one get one free promotion on this brand and I went ahead and scooped up two brushes for the price of one. Which brings me to this Ecotools Stippling Brush review. I definitely prefer this stippling brush to the very popular Real Techniques Stippling Brush for which I can count the number of times that I used it since I bought it a year ago. On one hand!

So when I got this Ecotools Stippling Brush, I wasn’t expecting much from it but I was amazed at what a great job it did.

Ecotools Stippling Brush Review

ecotool stippling brush

ecotools foundation brush

ecotools brushes

First of all, from the name, this is an Eco-friendly brand which is cruelty free. I like the pouch it comes in which is clear plastic with a cloth back and the brush itself features cruelty free bristles with a recycled aluminum ferule and bamboo handle.

The bristles are also very soft but not too soft. The bristles are not in a completely round shape. It is more oval shaped and the bristles are not densely packed which prevents it absorbing too much product into the bristles, so there’s no wastage of product.

I was also amazed when using it to apply my foundation as well as when washing it that there was ZERO shedding. I have washed it several times and there has been no shedding. It also dried really fast.

Foundation application

This Ecotools Stippling Brush is a really great foundation brush and gave me such a natural and flawless finish. One thing that makes it perform better than my beautyblender is that it does an excellent job distributing product when I use very little product. I don’t get the application I want when I use my beautyblender with little product but this Ecotools brush works wonders with little product.

This may be one reason that I may have to put my beautyblender to the side. For a while anyway because I am trying to move towards using less makeup for a more natural finish and this brush does the job admirably well.

In addition, the few times that I have used a brush to apply my foundation, I have ended up going over my face with my beautyblender to set the product but I’ve found that this additional step is unnecessary when I use this Ecotools Stippling Brush. With this brush doing such a great job especially with little product, I may end up only using my beautyblender to apply concealer underneath my eyes. We shall see.

It also leaves no streaks which is an issue I have had with other brushes. It is great for stippling and buffing the product into my skin. It is also the perfect size for makeup application. I don’t have to worry about it brushing away my eyebrows 🙂

This stippling brush also works with all types of foundation. I have used it with liquid and cream foundations and I think it has restored my love of my mineral foundations as it gave me such a wonderful skin-like finish when I used it to apply my mineral foundation which had been relegated to the back of my makeup drawer.


I really can’t rave enough about the EcoTools Stippling Brush and highly recommend it. It gives a flawless finish, is inexpensive and Eco-friendly. What more is there to ask for? I may have to try some more Ecotools brushes since I’m really liking them.

Rating: 9.5/10

Grab yours for $7.99 at ULTA

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