Best Product Of The Month – L.A. Colors Professional Series Loose Powder (Dark + Medium)

l.a.a colors profesional series loose powderI have tried many face powders from the very cheap to some expensive ones and while I liked a few and hated others, there was something that prevented me from fully getting on board with the ones I liked until I found the L.A. Colors Professional Series Loose Powder. This is not only the best setting powder I have ever used but I only spent $2.99 on each of them!

la colors professiona series loose powder review

From trying expensive, inexpensive and those in between powders (or other products), I have definitely discovered that there are many very good inexpensive products at the drugstore or the beauty supply store. Some of which even blow expensive products out the water.

While I absolutely love my L.A. Colors Professional Series Loose Powder in medium and dark which are just perfect for me, I still like others such as the Black Opal Deluxe Finishing Powder (deep), NYC Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder (translucent) and the Milani Pressed Powder in earth glow (extremely mattifying). But the L.A. Colors powders are my favorites.

L.A.Colors Professional Series Loose Powder Review


  • Silky smooth powder

  • Perfect for all skin types

Long wearing powder evens out skin tone and sets makeup for a perfect, flawless finish. Light weight, yet covers and conceals beautifully. Silky powder can be worn alone or over foundation.


l.a. colors professional series loose powder review

It does contain parabens (preservative) and if you are someone who is trying to avoid this possibly problematic ingredient, these powders are not for you. Some people may also have issues with mica and talc too making these powders a no-go for them. These are all basically cheap ingredients which does explain the cheap price.


Being dark skinned always makes it difficult to find colors that are perfect for my skin tone and the L.A. Colors Loose Powder only comes in four colors – Natural, Light, Medium, Dark. With such as limited range, I didn’t expect them to work but what a surprise that medium and dark especially were so perfect for me.

l.a. colors loose powder

FYI – one of the colors (natural or light) is said to be a dupe for the Ben Nye banana powder without the camera flashback so if you are a banana powder user you may want to try this powder.


la colors loose powder dark

la colors loose powder medium

la colors professional series loose powder

Top, dark; bottom, medium

Feathery soft, smooth and light and you don’t need much to get coverage. Even when I get heavy handed, it does not look caked on. Although I like the Milani and Black Opal powders which I mentioned above, if you are heavy handed, these powders can look caked on so I have to make sure I use a light hand with these powders. Not with this L.A. Colors Professional Series Loose Powder although I do try not to be too heavy handed.

How I use dark and medium

I have searched high and low and tried many Ben Nye powders (I show you how to try various Ben Nye powders here without buying the full size products), to find the perfect under eye setting powder (+ overall face setting powder) after applying my concealer. Some were either just okay or they gave me camera flashback (the Ben Nye powders I tried were very bad about this).

My search for the perfect undereye setting powder is now over because of this L.A. Colors Professional Series Loose powder in medium. It is the perfect shade to set my under eye, does a great job of setting my concealer and gives me ZERO camera flashback which makes me ecstatic. This is what I use the medium powder for – setting my under eye areas as well as other highlighted areas of my face.

The dark shade is what I use to set the rest of my face and it is the perfect shade for my dark skin. Some of the other dark powders that I have tried were either too dark, not dark enough or just “not quite” perfect for my complexion. This L.A. Colors Loose Powder is PERFECT!


This comes with a puff applicator but really I only use puff applicators to prevent this loose powder from getting everywhere. I usually use a brush to apply my powders including these. Plus the puffs are usually completely covered with the powder so it would just be a mess to use the puff.

This L.A. Colors Professional Series Loose Powder gives me a matte finish. While it doesn’t looked caked on because it is so light, sometimes it can look powdery especially when I reapply during the day and in order to take away the powdery look, I just lightly mist my face with my e.l.f. Matte Magic Mist & Set spray.

But I don’t usually reapply during the day because I prefer to use my Mally Face Defender (another favorite) to take away any shine without adding more powder to my face.


  • Very inexpensive!
  • Does not get cakey because it is such a light powder.
  • Sets my face perfectly and my face looks flawless.
  • I can also use it alone on top of my moisturizer or primer which is a great test for any great powder. Most of my other powders that I have cannot be used alone because I don’t like the result they give me.
  • Great at removing shine. Leaves face matte.
  • Does not have a strong smell which is an issue with some of the powders (Milani) that I have. I actually barely notice the scent of this loose powder when using it.


  • It is a loose powder so it can get messy but this is expected. The only time I was bothered by this mess was when I received the dark powder which I ordered online. The sifter was supposed to be sealed with a sticky label but this label had lost its stickiness and was not stuck to the sifter which caused powder to get everywhere and on top of that, the rest of the packaging was not properly sealed. So I had a mess when I received it which I was not too happy about but thank goodness the product performed.
  • While it will mattify your face, it will not do anything special as far as preventing more oil from breaking through your makeup so you will need a good oil control primer. As oil breaks through, you’ll need to reapply during the day or do like I do and use the Mally Beauty Face Defender instead.
  • I couldn’t find the dark shade at my local beauty supply and you may have that same struggle if you are looking for this shade. All the other shades were at my local beauty supply. While I like online shopping, I prefer not to do so for inexpensive products when the shipping will be more expensive that the actual product so this is annoying.
  • I wish the powders did more for oil control throughout the day.


I am ecstatic that I found these powders and that they are so inexpensive. They are exactly what I need. Will I repurchase? Is the sky blue? Of course I will even if I have to order the dark shade online! So that’s my L.A. Colors Professional Series Loose Powder review and the reasons why it is the best product of the month. I use it 99% of the time to set my makeup now and unlike my other powders, it will probably not last years.

Rating: 9.5/10 (0.5 off because it did not control my shine during the day)

You may be able to find all the shades at your local beauty supply store or you can try online for some difficult to find shade such as dark.

2 thoughts on “Best Product Of The Month – L.A. Colors Professional Series Loose Powder (Dark + Medium)

  1. Sissy says:

    I use a more expensive loose powder but got the LA medium and put in my better container. I love it. My finish over my make up is perfect. Thank you for the rating A great product great price.

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