Black Opal True Color Pore Perfecting Liquid Foundation Review (Ebony Brown + Suede Mocha)

black opal true color pore perfecting liquid foundation

I used to lament the fact that many drugstore brands do not usually have any or enough shades for dark-skinned black women but that was until I discovered Black Opal, Black Radiance and others which are targeted more towards the darker skinned demographic. If you are upset that Maybelline, Revlon, etc, do not have a shade for you, there is no need to be upset since there are actually brands out there with great products for black women of all shades.

I have loved Black Opal’s foundation stick for a long time and it is actually my go to summer foundation because it doesn’t melt off my face or sweat off. I also love the Black Opal Deluxe Finishing Powder and cream concealer so yes, I love Black Opal which is why I was excited when they released this liquid foundation and was eager to try it as well as give you my thoughts on it in this Black Opal True Color Pore Perfecting Liquid Foundation review.

Two foundations

Like many black people, I am not one shade and certainly not on my face and though it can get expensive, I prefer to buy two foundations – one for the center of my face which is a little lighter than the rest of my face and another shade for the rest of my face.

While I can certainly make one foundation work for my entire face, I just prefer to use two because I think it gives me the most natural look. This means that in the Black Opal Pore Perfecting Liquid Foundation I got two shades – ebony brown and suede mocha.

black opal foundation

Suede Mocha Top, Ebony Brown Bottom

black opal foundation dark skin

Without camera flash

Now ebony brown which is the darkest shade in this range was a given but it was difficult to determine which other shade I would get for the center of my face. This wasn’t helped by the fact that my local Wal-Mart is the only place that carries Black Opal products and they did not have a wide selection. I was able to get ebony brown from Wal-Mart but had to go online to get the suede mocha shade but it was difficult to determine which shade would work from looking online.

There are 12 shades in total and my local Wal-Mart only carried 5. Rough estimates of the undertones of the shades are as follows;

  • Champagne Beige- light beige with peachy tone
  • Kalahari Sand- light tan with yellow tone
  • Heavenly Honey- tan with red tone
  • Truly Topaz- medium tan with yellow tone
  • Nutmeg- medium light brown with yellow tone
  • Beautiful Bronze- medium light brown with red tone
  • Hazelnut- medium brown with yellow tone
  • Au Chocolat- medium brown with red tone
  • Carob- medium dark brown with yellow tone
  • Suede Mocha- medium dark brown with red tone
  • Black Walnut- dark brown with neutral tone
  • Ebony Brown- deep brown with neutral tone


The Black Opal True Color Pore Perfecting Liquid Foundation is light to medium coverage and the packaging states;

Lightweight, oil-free liquid foundation blends seamlessly to provide flawless coverage. Poreless technology helps minimize the appearance of enlarged pores, controls excess oil and renews skin natural radiance. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive.


I managed to get two deluxe samples of Carob and Black Walnut and here are the four shades together.

black opal liquid foundation review

Top to bottom; Ebony Brown, Black Walnut, Carob and Suede Mocha

The three bottom colors are too light for my complexion (though I can work with Suede Mocha). Wish there was a darker shade between Ebony Brown and Suede Mocha.

Back to original review of Black Walnut and Suede Mocha….


I have had this foundation for over two months now and really got to test it out. I use a drop or two of each of the shades and use my beloved Real Techniques Complexion Sponge to blend out the foundation. If I want a sheer application, I usually use a drop of each of the two shades.

This is light to medium coverage so you may still need concealer for the under eye area and other dark marks that may show through the foundation which is fine for me since I am really trying to get into very light foundation application and compensating for this light application with spot application of concealer to create a seamless look and not caking on more and more foundation.

Black Opal True Color Pore Perfecting Liquid Foundation Review

black opal liquid foundation

Before with thin layer of milk of magnesia applied to the skin

Black Opal Pore Perfecting Liquid Foundation


Black opal true color liquid foundation review

After rest of makeup (concealer, powder, blush, highlighter, lipstick)


  • The airless pump is a huge plus especially when more expensive foundations can’t seem to be bothered to have a pump.
  • Perfect for those looking for light to medium coverage and it is best to keep the application light because it can start to look cakey and mask like if you add more and more of this foundation for more coverage.
  • It applies matte which I like.
  • Gives an excellent finish.
  • The price varies from $11 to $12 or so which is reasonable.
  • Great color range.


  • Not easily available on the ground (at least for me) which makes it difficult to determine the perfect shade to get.
  • I have large pores and this did nothing for them despite claiming to minimize pore size.
  • I don’t like that it settles in fine lines especially those around my mouth.
  • Not a summer foundation. The excessive oil I get in the summer (I have combination skin) as well as my sweating completely obliterated this foundation several times. As mentioned previously, the Black Opal stick foundation is much better for me in the summer.
  • Although it applies matte, it will not stay matte for long so if you have combination/oily skin and want to use this foundation, the primer/finishing powder you use will be crucial. The only thing that worked for me as a primer to keep the oil reasonably at bay was Milk of Magnesia. I used other primers including oil controlling primers with this foundation which didn’t work as well as MOM.

Overall verdict

Although the cons may seem significant, this Black Opal True Color Pore Perfecting Liquid Foundation is a very good foundation and it has more shade ranges than the stick foundation which although I love (I use suede mocha and black walnut), the shades I use in the stick foundation are not completely right for my skin and undertone.

In addition, I especially love the shade ebony brown in this liquid foundation which is the PERFECT shade and undertone for the perimeter of my face which means that it blends seamlessly with my hairline. Other foundations I have used for my perimeter have been too red. I will definitely be repurchasing ebony brown and will definitely also use it with my other foundations.

I am not entirely convinced that suede mocha is the best shade for the center of my face though so I may try another shade or experiment some more with mixing it with ebony brown.

This is definitely my top drugstore foundation and I highly recommend it. If you have oily skin, using a great primer with this will definitely help because this foundation will not keep the oil at bay.

After 6 hours (using MOM as a primer).

black opal foundation reviewYou will notice the shiny forehead, nose and cheeks. Other primers have performed much worse than this as far as oil control.

Helpful tip!

I also mixed this Black Opal True Color Pore Perfecting Foundation with a drop of an illuminator (Hard Candy Glow All The Way) and my skin looked AMAZING! Like I was “glowing from within”.


I am not sure whether this foundation will break you out or not. I used to break out with the Black Opal stick foundation but stopped breaking out after I started taking hair, skin and nails vitamins. Maybe the vitamin A in these vitamins helped my skin and prevented breakouts.

This is just conjecture on my part of course. I just know that I used to break out with the stick foundation and after I started taking the vitamins, I stopped breaking out after I used this foundation. And other people do talk about Black Opal foundations breaking them out so this may be something for you to consider.

Overall rating: 8/10

I hope this Black Opal True Color Pore Perfecting Foundation review was helpful to you.

Get it at Black Opal Beauty and other retailers such as Wal-Mart for about $10.95.

See the rest of the shades in this helpful swatch (10 of the 12 total shades)

black opal liquid foundation swatches

Image source – cocomomo80



6 thoughts on “Black Opal True Color Pore Perfecting Liquid Foundation Review (Ebony Brown + Suede Mocha)

  1. Jane says:

    Love the review, just one thing:

    Please DON’T usemilk of magnesia on your face!! While it does soften, it’s changing the pH balance of your face, which can cause adverse effects with prolonged use. I.e. sagging

    • Lydia says:

      Yes I’ve heard all that about the ph but it’s the only thing that works and I don’t use it that often anyway although I am skeptical about this whole movement about MOM being the devil. Since it is consumed, it can’t be that bad is the way I see it. There are pros and cons about everything under the sun.

  2. cocomomo80 says:

    I know I’m years late, but thank you for using my swatch picture and sourcing me. I recently bumped into vendors online who are using and editing my image without my permission, or without sourcing me. Thanks for being upright.

    • Lydia says:

      I appreciate your comment and I hate that that happened to your work. I know I would hate for it to happen to me so I give credit were credit’s due. I used to wonder why you stopped updating your IG page. I found it very helpful.

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