Buy This! Privileged Hewitt Over-the-Knee Neoprene Boot

privileged over the knee boot

This is usually the time when many like to pull out their over-the-knee boots and because too many of them can make you look like a “lady of the night”, I usually like them to have a low or flat heel or a chunky heel.

While sneakers are not my thing outside of the gym, as soon as I saw the Privileged Hewitt Over-the-Knee Neoprene Boot I stopped dead in my track. This is such an unusual take on over the knee boots and would be perfect for someone who goes against the grain. They are definitely a statement piece and will be much talked about.

privileged over the knee boots

privileged hewitt over the knee neoprene boot

Not only do these Privileged Hewitt Over-the-Knee Neoprene Boots not mess around as far as being over the knee because far too many boots that call themselves over-the-knee boots simply make a half-assed attempt of being over the knee. Not these boots. But these boots also come with showstopping metallic gold embellishments on the sides that surprisingly doesn’t look like too much. The embellishments look just perfect.

These boots are made using black stretchy neoprene so even if your calves and thighs are a bit wider, this stretchy fabric will be able to absorb the stretch.

These Privileged Hewitt Over-the-Knee Neoprene Boots are perfect to finish off a sporty outfit or simply a cute black short bodycon dress. Leggings and a chunky sweater will also be completed quite nicely with these boots.

The Privileged Hewitt Over-the-Knee Neoprene Boot is available at nastygal for $162



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