CeraVe Ceramide Boost Skin Renewing Gel Oil Review

CeraVe Ceramide Boost Skin Renewing Gel Oil

I love oils and use quite a few on my face despite my oily skin so I was excited to try this CeraVe Ceramide Boost Skin Renewing Gel Oil which is one of the new products from this brand. I have quite a few products that I use and love from CeraVe some of which I reviewed on this website so I do highly recommend this brand.

But back to this CeraVe Ceramide Boost Skin Renewing Gel Oil. I wanted to try this not only because it contains oil but also because it contains ceramides which are a major part of many if not all CeraVe products. If you are unaware, ceramides are lipids which are natural to our skin and act as a barrier film on the surface of the skin to trap moisture. But as we age, this layer diminishes which dries out the skin. Ceramides or other lipids contained in products can help to keep the skin looking healthy and vibrant which means they should be part of your skin-care regimen.

CeraVe Ceramide Boost Facial Oil Gel reviewCeraVe Ceramide Boost Facial Oil Gel

CeraVe Ceramide Boost Skin Renewing Gel Oil Review


CeraVe Skin Renewing Gel Oil was developed with dermatologists. Its unique formula with Ceraplex, a unique 5 ceramide & sunflower blend instantly improves skin radiance. Non-Comedogenic, won’t clog pores. Gentle on skin, non-irritating. Fragrance Free to avoid fragrance irritations.


CeraVe Ceramide Boost Facial Oil Gel ingredients


I like that this CeraVe Ceramide Boost Skin Renewing Gel Oil comes in a pump. When pumped out, this does look like a milky gel and when spread out it turns greasy. This is fragrance free so this should be great for those that have fragrance sensitivities.

As for my experience with this product, as mentioned earlier, I love many CeraVe products and recommend many but this CeraVe Ceramide Boost Facial Oil Gel is just not one of them.

First of all, I was a little disappointed in the oil in this one. Although I’ve used many oils, sunflower oil has never been on my radar. I wish it was some other oil that was used because sunflower just seems like a cheap oil and this CeraVe Ceramide Boost Skin Renewing Gel Oil is one of the pricier products from this brand at $23.99 at ULTA. I’ve never spent more than $15 on CeraVe products so I wasn’t happy about this price.

Secondly, while I use many oils on my face and body, the oils I use on my face are not greasy such as emu oil, hemp seed oil, argan oil, jojoba, etc, and my current favorite, marula oil. This CeraVe Ceramide Boost Skin Renewing Gel Oil is greasy. After applying it, I usually let it sit on my face for a minute or two and then rub my face again to try to rub away some of the excess grease which seems to work.

It also doesn’t absorb into the skin quickly which is also why I rub my face again. But initially it is quite moisturizing so I think if you have dry skin, this CeraVe Ceramide Boost Skin Renewing Gel Oil may work for you. But although it is moisturizing initially, it doesn’t seem to last. With the oils that i use, when I apply them at night, my skin still looks moisturized in the morning but not with this. In the morning, my skin feels a bit dry so this does not provide long-lasting moisture.

Another reason I didn’t really like this was because many times I also use my facial oils in the morning and before makeup application and this has worked well for me as some of them even act like a great primer. While this CeraVe Ceramide Boost Skin Renewing Gel Oil does not interfere with my makeup application, I get greasier quickly even when I use my favorite oil control primer which never happens with my other oils.

Lastly, I really didn’t notice any radiance boosting from using this product unless they meant greasy.


While CeraVe makes some great products, this CeraVe Ceramide Boost Skin Renewing Gel Oil isn’t one of them. Too greasy for my taste and not thrilled with the oil in this. Didn’t really notice any benefits from using this product. What made it worse is that I was using a great skincare product before I started using this facial oil so I could really tell a difference from using this product and using that product. As far as facial oils, I actually completely forgot about this facial oil without intending to as I went back to using my 100% marula oil.

If you have dry skin, you may like this and maybe not hate the greasiness as much but like I said, it just isn’t as moisturizing as other oils I’ve used. But I don’t completely hate this especially if you only use it at night when it being greasy is not that much of an issue and with the ceramides included, it should be good for the skin even though you may not notice it.

At ULTA for $23.99

Rating – 4/10



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