UPDATE* ColourPop Ultra Satin Lips!

colourpop ultra satin lips

*UPDATE 2* – Since Colourpop is determined to make sure that they create a lipstick in every single color under the sun, see further down for new additional shades of these Colourpop Ultra Satin Lips.

*UPDATE 1* – These Colourpop Ultra Satin Lips are available now for $6 and the matte lip pencils for $5. Click here to buy. They are lightweight and very pigmented, don’t dry completely matte and are not transfer proof. For pictures and swatches, continuing reading original post below.


Looks like ColourPop is deviating a little bit from their bestselling matte liquid lipsticks and the constant additions to this line which most people have emptied their bank accounts trying to get, with these new ColourPop Ultra Satin Lips in 16 shades which will probably get even more of our money which of course we will hand over gladly.

These will be available February 18th 25th 2016!

These look like a new version of their liquid lipsticks and instead of a matte finish, these will be have a satin finish. I do have four ColourPop matte liquid lipsticks and if you own these as well, you know that they are very drying but they do have very pretty colors.

So a satin finish which are designed to leave the lips glossy, shiny and moisturized will definitely be a welcome change even though they will probably not be as long wearing as the matte lip. But they should be more comfortable to wear but will probably not be transfer proof.

I may be committing blasphemy but their matte liquid lipstick formula is not my favorite and some colors can be problematic so I may try one or two of these new satin finishes to see how they compare to the matte liquid lipsticks. Some of the swatches for the ColourPop Ultra Satin Liquid Lipsticks are shown below. They look highly pigmented which is great for a satin lipstick.

Here are some swatches below because we can’t get enough swatches especially on different skin tones.

colourpop ultra satin lipstick swatches

Source – @naye0na

colourpop ultra satin liquid lipstick swatches dark skin

Source – @ckey_beauty (l) to (r) Magic Wand, Mess Around, Echo Park, Dopey, Lyin’ King, The Rabbit, Panda, Marshmallow, Petit Four, Toolips, Frick N Frack, Tansy, Cozy, London Fog, Lost, Prim


colourpop satin liquid lipsticks swatches

Image source – @itslesliealvarado

(l) to (r) Magic Wand, Echo Park, Dopey, Lying’ King, London Fog, The Rabbit, Panda, Marshmellow, Mess Around, Petit Four, Toolips, Frick N Frack, Tansy, Cozy, Lost, Prim

These new ColourPop Ultra Satin Lips also come with corresponding lip pencils. Although it looks like 10 lip pencils, there will be 7 new lip pencils. Now besides the matte liquid lipsticks, I also own ColourPop lippie sticks, lippie stick pencils and some eyeshadows and while all these products are great, my favorite ColourPop products are their lip pencils and I even on occasion wear them as lipsticks.

These ColourPop Ultra Satin Lips will cost $6 which is about the same as the price for their other lip products.

UPDATE – New Shades!

new colourpop ultra satin lips swatches

Image source – @colourpopcosmetics

The above swatches contain new Ultra Satin Lipstick shades as well as additions to their Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks. The Ultra Satin Lipstick shades are  So Wavy, Brooklyn, Molly and Littlestitious. Go here for more on these new shades. You can also use the code ipsycolourpop to get $5 off.




First image source – @ourfazinali

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