Coming Soon! Jessica Alba’s Honest Beauty Coming To Ulta

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Mark your calendars! Honest Beauty is coming soon to Ulta. Honest Beauty is part of the Honest Company which has been a very successful venture for Jessica Alba.

The Honest Company has made a name for itself selling eco-friendly baby products and Honest Beauty is actually a new venture by the company and was released last year and the products in this line were sold exclusively at This line includes both makeup and skin care products that are targeted toward a diverse group of women.

Instead of using ingredients that may be harmful such as parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, sulfates, chemical sunscreens, etc, Honest Beauty products contain naturally derived botanicals including chamomile, calendula, aloe vera, rosehip and green tea.

Imagine my surprise when I recently visited the ulta website and saw that the Honest Beauty products would soon be sold at ulta as well.

The Honest Beauty products will be available online at ulta on 2/14/16 and in stores 2/28/16.

honest beauty

There will be about 30 makeup and skin care products from this line that will be sold at ulta (there are more products at the Honest Beauty website). There are mixed reviews on these products although some that have great reviews include the primer, luminizing powder and a few other items.

For the foundation and powders, while there are some dark shades, they don’t seem dark enough for someone with chocolate skin like me so I will probably skip out on these. I do want to try the primer though since it has great reviews.

I do like the packaging which is very simple and chic but the pricing is a bit higher than I was expecting especially when you compare this brand to other drugstore brands.

Find out more about this launch at ulta as well as all the products that will be available by clicking here.

Have you tried any Honest Beauty products? If not, are you excited that they will be available at ulta soon? Comment below.

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