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too faced clover palette

If you just must have another eyeshadow palette from Too Faced, they’ve got you covered. Coming sometime in August 2017 is this Too Faced Clover Palette but you will not only be satisfying your need for a new palette (which probably like me you’ll forget about as soon as you get it in your hands!), but part of the proceeds from the sale of this eyeshadow palette support a great cause – helping animals in need.

too faced clover eyeshadow palette

Image source – @trendmood1

The above closeup makes it look so pretty that I can’t wait to see swatches. Although I’m currently dealing with Too Faced palette fatigue, it just looks irresistible above.

This Too Faced Clover Palette contains 18 new shades and while I can see some shades that would not be complimentary on my dark skin, I do see some shades that seem like they would look amazing on dark skin. Only time will tell.

This Too Faced Clover Eyeshadow Palette will have a retail value of $49 which is in line with the pricing of similar palettes from this brand.

Once again, this will be available sometime in August 2017. Even though I try to stay away from anything “cute”, I’m loving the packaging of this palette and as of right now I’m thinking of getting this palette unless more images are released that change my mind about whether this will be able to work on dark skin. Don’t know if it’s limited edition. It probably is but will update as soon as more info is available.

Will you be getting your hands on this eyeshadow palette once it becomes available? Comment below.



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