Cover FX Correct Click Cream Corrector Review + Swatches (Brick)

cover fx correct click cream corrector review

I love color correctors because I have some dark under eye areas (not too terrible though) as well as some hyperpigmentation on some areas of my face. Color correctors are nothing new but for some reason, 2016 seems to be the year of the color corrector with many brands releasing color correctors left and right. None of them really moved me to part with my money until I saw this Cover FX Correct Click Cream Corrector in the shade brick which was a new shade for me which I haven’t seen with any other brands.

For darker skin, brands usually carry a peach corrector or an orange corrector. They don’t usually have both. Not only does Cover FX have a peach corrector (light to medium skin tones) and an orange corrector (medium-to-deeper skin tones), but they also have this brick corrector. I have plenty of orange correctors so I wasn’t looking to get another orange corrector but I was intrigued by the brick shade. Since it’s targeted for deep skin tones, this spoke to me. If you need more info on the hows and whys of color correcting, click here.

cover fx correct click cream corrector brick


Correct clicks help even out your skin tone by canceling out different shades of discoloration. Each problem-specific shade color neutralizes the appearance of sallow skin, dark circles or redness to create a flawless complexion that look natural.

Green: light and medium skintones (neutralizes intense redness)
Yellow: light and medium skintones (neutralizes mild redness)
Lavender: light and medium skintones (neutralizes yellow and adds brightness)
Peach: light and medium skintones (neutralizes dark spots and undereye circles)
Orange: medium-to-deeper skintones (neutralizes dark spots and undereye circles)
Brick: deep skintones (neutralizes dark spots and undereye circles)


cover fx correct click cream corrector ingredients

It also states that it’s vegan, paraben, fragrance, gluten, mineral oil and talc free.

Cover FX Correct Click Cream Corrector Review


I actually love the packaging. I love makeup in stick formula so this was right up my alley. It’s a small tube and while there were some complaints that it is so tiny, this really isn’t an issue for me since most people don’t need to color correct their entire face. All you need is a small amount for the problem areas. The quantity of the product is 5.5g / 0.2 oz. but I see this lasting a very long time since I don’t use a lot.

The package design is actually meant for it to be inserted into the Cover FX Click Stick to make it more portable especially for makeup artists.


This is fragrance free as mentioned above and there really is not much of a scent to it.


cover fx correct click cream corrector brick swatchescover fx correct click cream corrector brick swatches

I mainly use this Cover FX Correct Click Cream Corrector underneath my eyes and above my top lip where I have some hyperpigmentation. Every now and then, I would use it on some of my dark acne scars but usually foundation is enough for these spots.

I used to apply color correctors two ways. The first way was before foundation and concealer and the second way was after foundation, with concealer on top to eliminate the color.

Nowadays, I only use it the second way in order to make sure that my foundation application does not move the corrector. I first apply my foundation and then use the corrector on the areas that I need to cancel out the darkness. This method also helps me to use less product since the foundation would provide some coverage.

After applying the corrector, I then place a little bit of skin matching concealer on top to cover up the corrector. Despite being in stick form which allows you to apply it directly on the skin, I actually use a tiny brush to pick up the product and apply it and then blend it out with my fingers or beautyblender with a gentle tapping or stippling motion. When I apply the concealer on top, I also blend this out either with my fingers or my beautyblender.

This cream corrector is very easy to apply and spread. It’s very pigmented and a thick consistency which means that you only need a small amount.


This Cover FX Correct Click Cream Corrector in brick did an amazing job of canceling out my under eye darkness as well as the areas of hyperpigmentation on my face and brightening up the areas, so I’m very happy with it. The corrector also worked great under concealer and stayed put unless I was sweating when it completely made a disappearing act which is not unusual for most makeup when sweat is involved.

Brick Corrector vs Orange Corrector

I have 3 orange correctors which I love but after trying this brick, I think the latter works better with my undertone because it’s got a bit of red in it unlike my orange correctors. See the swatches of this brick corrector compared to my other orange correctors below.

The slightly reddish tones meant that if after applying concealer I felt that I needed a tiny bit more correcting, I would add a tiny bit of corrector on top of the concealer, blend it out and not have to add another layer of concealer because it blended so well with the red undertones of my skin.

But both the orange and brick correctors performed about the same as far as canceling out my dark circles and hyperpigmentation so either will work for that purpose. I just prefer the brick because of the slightly reddish undertone but both colors do the job well.


I absolutely love this Cover FX Correct Click Cream Corrector in brick and would recommend it. It covers up dark discoloration effectively while brightening up the areas. I am also very impressed that Cover FX has several different correctors for the various shades of dark skin which almost never happens. Cover FX did good with this one.

Even though it will take me a while to not only use up this brick corrector but also my other orange correctors, when I do run out of this brick corrector, I will be repurchasing it. It’s also relatively inexpensive compared to the many other correctors that have been released by other higher end brands.

Rating – 9/10

Available for $18 at Sephora

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