DevaCurl How to Quit Shampoo Kit

devacurl how to quit shampoo kitThough I am more coily than curly, I did find great information in the Curly Girl Method book by Lorraine Massey and she’s one of those who spearheaded the “no-poo” method for those with curly hair. If you have curly hair and are having trouble knowing what to do with it, I definitely recommend reading this book.

Anyway although I never tried the Curly Girl Method (CG Method) detailed in the book, I did cowash (conditioner wash) for a while and it worked out great but I went back to a shampoo which I’m very happy with but if you’ve never tried the “no-poo” method and/or want to try out the DevaCurl products (by Lorraine Massy), this DevaCurl How To Quit Shampoo Kit may be something for you to consider.

The premise of the no-poo method is that shampoos (which contain stripping agents like sulfates) can be very drying for curly, coily hair types and co-washing as an alternative to shampoo helps these hair types retain moisture better. But obviously you can now find a lot of shampoos that are moisturizing and don’t contain sulfates and other harmful ingredients such as the one I currently use.

But if you are still trying to find products that work for your curly/coily hair, you may want to give this DevaCurl How To Quit Shampoo Kit a try.

No-Poo is the original, bestselling, non-lathering shampoo alternative. The sulfate-free, highly moisturizing conditioning cleanser stimulates, hydrates, and cleans the scalp and hair to reveal the healthiest, bounciest natural curls. One Condition is a rich, creamy daily conditioner that delivers maximum hydration to all curl types. The DevaTowel is a remarkably soft, microfiber towel that provides the smooth surface that curly hair needs from shower to shaping and styling, frizz-free.

This DevaCurl How To Quit Shampoo Kit includes the following products.

  • 8 oz No-Poo
  • 8 oz One Condition
  • DevaTowel

Was just reading the ingredients and they are so great that I may have to try these products for myself. There are also no sulfates, parabens, silicones, etc. The No-Poo and One Condition do have great reviews and the towel is another great item to have for blotting curly/coily hair dry instead of using a towel which can tug and break hair.

Grab this DevaCurl How To Quit Shampoo Kit at Sephora for $30 ($41 value)

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