Do You Have Protein Sensitive Hair?

4 c natural hair

I have protein sensitive 4C natural hair and what made a difference for me was learning all its various characteristics and treating it accordingly. Knowing that I have protein sensitive hair helped me immensely because I couldn’t understand why my hair was so dry after conditioning as well as why it was breaking (different from shedding which is normal). Once I made changes to my hair care regimen based on the characteristics of my hair, I no longer dealt with much breakage.

You may also be dealing with breakage and are frustrated by the breakage because you don’t understand what is going on. Breakage is caused by a lot of issues and a lack of protein or moisture can be some of the factors leading to hair breakage and being unable to grow long hair. Hair mainly comprises of protein (keratin) and strengthening the hair with a protein treatment can help in preventing hair breakage and thinning hair.

Some people like me have hair that does not appreciate protein treatments and only causes hair to dry out more and break which will prevent you from being able to grow long hair fast because while it’s growing, it is also breaking.

In such cases when you have protein sensitive hair, moisturizing treatments and moisturizing hair care products are probably the best at preventing dryness and hair breakage and will allow you to grow your hair. Some people may need a combination of protein treatments and moisture treatments. They can implement a protein treatment once a month and moisture treatments for the rest of the month.

And it is important to remember that not all products are created equal. While I have protein sensitive hair, some products that contain protein do dry my hair out while others actually soften my hair although I still only use these protein containing products once a month. You may need to test various protein containing products to find what works for your hair.

For more information on the moisture/protein balance and how to determine what your hair needs whether it is more moisture or more protein, “The Science of Black Hair” was invaluable to me as it explained this concept very well including the types of products you should use to strengthen your hair according to its needs and prevent breakage. After I read this book, I was no longer frustrated with my natural hair. I have other frustrations with my hair but they have nothing to do with how to take care of it.

How to test your hair

vinegar for hair lossTest your hair when it is still freshly shampooed and still wet. Take a strand of hair between your fingers and observe for the following;

a. if your hair stretches and stretches before breaking, you probably have protein sensitive hair and may need more protein treatments. Your hair may be over moisturized and a protein treatment will restore some balance into the hair. Use protein treatments every two weeks or once a month or as needed if your hair is too moisturized.

b. If your hair does not stretch much before breaking, you may need more moisturizing treatments. Your hair has too much protein and moisturizing treatments will restore the balance. Depending on the condition of the hair, do a moisturizing treatment at least once a week.

c. Your hair is healthy if it stretches somewhat and returns to its original condition without breaking.

Learning about your hair and what it needs at a given moment will ensure that you provide your hair with what it needs which will allow you to grow long hair fast.

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