Earth Science A-D-E Creamy Fruit Oil Cleanser Review

earth science a-d-e creamy fruit oil cleanser reviewBuying and doing this Earth Science A-D-E Creamy Fruit Oil Cleanser review is just a reminder to myself that reading is fundamental. I wasted most on the product using it the wrong way because I didn’t read. But before I get into that, here’s a bit of information on this cleanser.

The only reason I actually went in search of a creamy cleanser was because I bought a Foreo Luna Mini and while I love the SheaMoisture African Black Soap, it is very drying on its own and when used in combination with my Foreo, my skin was just super dry so I needed something else to use in combination with this cleansing device.

Although cream cleansers are usually designed for those with dry skin, I developed a love for them despite my oily/combination skin after I came across one years ago in TJ Maxx which I decided to try because the ingredients included retinol and glycolic acid and ended up loving this cleanser but since this particular cleanser was hard to find, I moved on after I used it up. I did try another cream cleanser but I did not like it.

I then developed a love for the SM African Black Soap and have been happy with it for a long time now and I use it most mornings to wash my face now that I have the Foreo which I only use once a day at night.

So I got this Earth Science A-D-E Creamy Fruit Oil Cleanser (with apricot and avocado) after doing some research to use with my Foreo in the shower. This cleanser is geared towards those with dry/sensitive skin.

Earth Science a-d-e creamy fruit oil cleanser


A gentle cream cleanser formulated with natural fruit oils to cleanse the skin and remove makeup without the dryness of soap. Moisturizes as it cleans to leave your skin soft and supple with no greasy build-up. With special plant sterols and vitamins to leave skin radiantly fresh and healthy looking. Contains no artificial colors, mineral oil, soaps, harsh preservative or irritating petroleum products. Will not clog pores. pH 5.5.


earth science creamy cleanser review

I got this cleanser mainly because I loved the ingredient list so much. As you can see, it is full of oils and I love using oils but I did not connect the dots which caused me to use it the wrong way.

Reading is fundamental

I used this in the shower with my Forea after wetting my face and I thought it was doing a decent job without drying my face. It does not latter which makes sense since most cream cleansers that I have tried do not lather.

If you need your face to feel squeaky clean, it may be odd to use a cream cleanser including this Earth Science A-D-E Creamy Fruit Cleanser because you will feel a bit of a “cream” on the face after rinsing your face off which can be annoying for some people if they are used to a squeaky clean feeling and may feel like their face is not clean enough with a cream cleanser.

When I did get tired of feeling this slight “creamy” texture after rinsing my face off, I would follow up by washing with my black soap but this was on very  rare occasions. I was more or less happy with this cleanser until I tried to see whether it could remove makeup.

So  stepped in the shower with my makeup, dampened my face and applied the cleanser to my face. My makeup stayed put. I tried this several times to no avail. Very little came off so I just followed up with my black soap and was ready to write this cleanser off as a lie for claiming to remove makeup.

It wasn’t till much later after I had used up almost all the product that I was randomly thinking about the ingredient list and how great it is that it came to me. It is full of oils, so it must be an oil cleanser. Duh! It even says so on the front.

If you have used oil cleansers before like I have, you know that you have to apply them to dry skin and massage them into the skin in order to cleanse the skin. Despite it stating that it is a “Creamy Fruit Oil Cleanser” I didn’t realize that it was an oil cleanser which is probably because of its creamy texture.

earth science a-d-e creamy fruit oil cleanser

Anyway, the next time I needed to remove makeup, I applied it with dry hands to my dry face and massaged into my face and lo and behold when I stepped into the shower to rinse off, 99% of my makeup came off including my eye makeup which included a bit of waterproof mascara applied on top of regular mascara.

My face also felt very clean, soft and moisturized. It actually felt cleaner after this than it did when I was using it in the shower on damp skin and I felt no urges to follow up with my black soap.

Then I actually went to read the directions which I am always bad about doing with so many things because I usually figure things out on my own, and although the directions do not specifically state to apply this only to dry skin, they do state;

To remove makeup or cleanse dry skin, apply generously to face and neck, Gently wipe away with a washcloth or rinse off with warm water.

When used the correct way, this Earth Science A-D-E Creamy Fruit Oil Cleanser is a great cleanser without drying out your face. But since it is an oil cleanser, I can only use it on dry skin and not with my Foreo in the shower  which is what I bought initially bought it for.

But it actually did not turn out to be such a problem because during the time I was using this cleanser I happened to get a sample of another creamy cleanser and ended up buying the full-size product because I loved it so much. And I can use it with my Foreo in the shower so it all worked out. And yes I made sure to read the ingredient list on this cleanser!


  • The amazing ingredient list which includes various skin beneficial oils.
  • Great cleanser especially for makeup removal.
  • This states that the pH of this product is 5.5 which is exactly the ideal slightly acidic level of skin so you know that it will be gentle on the skin and not distress it. When the skin is too alkaline or too acidic, you may develop various skin issues. I love this cleanser for this so if you are concerned about pH balance, this may be the cleanser for you.
  • Nice fruity fragrance.


  • Some people may not like the slight creaminess left behind after rinsing off the product but it isn’t too much residue though.
  • You do need a generous amount of the product especially to remove makeup which with the bottle being only 8 fl. oz. will not last long.

Will I repurchase?

Absolutely because it is a great makeup remover which most oil cleansers are and it is generally inexpensive compared to other oil cleansers on the market. While it may be second to my all time favorite oil cleanser (besides my homemade oil cleanser) which is the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, it still does a great job. Plus it is a creamy oil cleanser which is different from other oil cleansers which look like oils.

It is gentle on my skin and I love the 5.5 pH level and it did not cause any skin issues for me.

So that’s my Earth Science A-D-E Creamy Fruit Oil Cleanser review. The moral of the story is reading is fundamental but aside from that, I would highly recommend this cleanser.

Rating: 9/10

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