FARSÁLI Products Are Now At Sephora

FARSÁLI rose gold elixirFARSÁLI unicorn essence

This brand is really popular on Instagram so it was exciting to see that FARSÁLI products are now available at Sephora. There are currently two skin care products available online and you may be able to also find them in stores so if you’ve wanted to try this brand, you now have a chance.

FARSÁLI Rose Gold Elixir

FARSÁLI rose gold elixir open

This FARSÁLI Rose Gold Elixir is actually the product that is really popular on Instagram and what caught my attention. When it initially showed up at Sephora a week or so ago, it quickly sold out but has been restocked.

A fast-absorbing, dry oil that can be used as an effective daily moisturizer, or in conjunction with your makeup routine.
FARSÁLI’s Rose Gold Elixir is a 24-karat, gold-infused beauty oil that’s rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. It’s formulated with ingredients that work together synergistically to provide the ultimate results to address all your skin care needs. Rosehip seed oil penetrates quickly to nourish your skin while visibly brightening and improving skin texture. It is packed with linoleic and linolenic acids, vitamin C, and vitamin A to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and discoloration. The pure 24k Gold flakes absorb right into your skin, leaving your skin naturally glowing and radiant.

Get this for $54 at Sephora

FARSÁLI Unicorn Essence

FARSÁLI unicorn essence open

This just landed online at Sephora today.

An innovative water-based, dual purpose serum, which helps protect the skin from free radical damage, while preparing it for makeup application.
FARSÁLI’s Unicorn Essence at Sephora is enriched with four superfruit extracts that are loaded with antioxidants—known for their antiaging properties: açaí berry, goji berry, elderberry, and blueberry. The Açaí berries and blueberries not only contain powerful antioxidants, they are also packed with vitamin C, which supports the skin tone. Thanks to its water-based formula, this serum will allow your skin to soak up the supplements, leaving it hydrated without a greasy residue.

Get this at Sephora for $54

Of these two products, I really want to try the Unicorn Essence after taking a look at the ingredients (acai berry, goji berry, elderberry, blueberry) so this would be a great serum to add to my morning skin care regimen.

Don’t forget to take a look at the weekly Sephora specials page if you do decide to make a purchase.


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