Freeman Feeling Beautiful Pineapple Facial Enzyme Mask Review

freeman feeling beautiful pineapple facial enzyme mask review

I had already been enjoying a lot of Freeman masks when I saw this Freeman Feeling Beautiful Pineapple Facial Enzyme Mask (6.0 fl. oz / 150 ml) so I decided to give it a go and the reason that I did was because of the pineapple. Why pineapple? Well it is one of the natural bleaching agents but not as strong as hydroquinone which I avoid like the plague (no Sammy Sosa here!). Pineapple has some mild bleaching agents like many other citrus fruits like lemon.

I needed some mild bleaching to even out my skin tone from past acne which left black marks (hyperpigmentation). Though I have chocolate skin which does a great job of hiding these dark marks and other people can’t see them as easily, I can see them which is all that matters. So I got this mask hoping that it would help even out my skin tone from hyperpigmentation.

freeman pineapple facial enzyme mask

freeman pineapple facial enzyme mask review

I used up the tube yesterday after several months of using this so I thought this was the perfect time for this Freeman Feeling Beautiful Pineapple Facial Enzyme Mask review.


2-in-1 exfoliating mask renews and refreshes.

The enzyme-activated exfoliating mask revitalizes and reveals your most radiant skin. Pineapple extract and exfoliating AHAs clear away dulling skin cells and stimulate skin renewal. Skin is revived and refreshed. Perfect for normal to combination skin.


freeman feeling beautiful pineapple facial enzyme mask

I was happy to see that pineapple extract was one of the top five ingredients which means that there is a significant amount of it in this mask.

The alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) mentioned in the claims are the glycolic and lactic acid which are further down on the ingredient list. These are excellent for exfoliating skin which is also good for helping get rid of dark marks on the skin as they help speed up skin cell turnover. So I thought I couldn’t go wrong with the pineapple and AHAs to help clear my skin.

freeman pineapple mask

The mask is sticky and slightly yellowish in color (from the yellow dye shown at the bottom of the ingredient list). It smells amazingly of pineapple and also contains a few gentle exfoliating beads.

The instructions are to apply a generous amount of this Freeman Feeling Beautiful Pineapple Facial Enzyme Mask to the face and neck and leave on for 5-10 minutes and rinse off with warm water. Since I wanted maximum skin brightening, I left this mask on most times for about an hour or so. It does not dry.

Did I like it?

There really is so much in this mask that should have made it an effective skin brightener from the pineapple to the AHAs and the exfoliating beads. It also smells amazing and I was hoping that it would do all that it claimed.

When you apply this Freeman Feeling Beautiful Pineapple Facial Enzyme Mask, it tingles a little bit which is probably from the pineapple but this goes away after a few seconds. The exfoliating beads are also non abrasive and they shouldn’t bother you even if you have sensitive skin like me and you barely feel them when you are rinsing off the mask.

Rinsing off the mask does require some work because the mask becomes very slippery when water is applied so you have to go over your face and neck several times to make sure that every last bit of the mask has been washed away which can be annoying especially if you don’t want to take too much time in the shower.

Did I like it? Unfortunately no. There wasn’t much change in my hyperpigmentation in the weeks and months that I used this mask. There was some softening of the skin and my skin felt smooth immediately after rinsing this off but this did not last long and I did not notice radiance skin.

This mask was a huge disappointment which is why it has taken me several months to use it up because I turned to other masks which I preferred and stored this away and only brought it out once I remembered that I still had it.

But it is inexpensive and you can get it at ulta for $4.29 and even if you use it once or twice a week it should last a long time.

Overall rating: 3/10

That’s my Freeman Feeling Beautiful Pineapple Facial Enzyme Mask review. I honestly prefer my other Freeman masks to this such as the Freeman Feeling Beautiful Peel-Off Mask and the Freeman Feeling Beautiful Avocado & Oatmeal Clay Mask. I find these two much more effective than this pineapple mask.



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