Heart Bun Tool Kit

heart bun tool kit

This is a cute and whimsical hairstyle that is perfect for the upcoming Valentine’s day celebrations. I saw this kit and the result and just thought it was so cute and perfect, so if you really get into Valentine’s day, this may be something for you to try whether you have a date or not. The following Heart Bun Tool Kit will help you create this fun heart-shaped bun.

valentines day bun

This Heart Bun Tool Kit includes a heart-shaped sponge, elastic ties as well as metal hair pins to keep your hair in place and neat if need be as well as for added security.

This also looks like an easy DIY project that you can do because I’m certain you have plenty of hair pins, hair elastics and you may be able to create a heart-shaped sponge.

But if you simply want everything you need ready-made for you like me, you can buy this Heart Bun Tool Kit for $12 at Free People.



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