IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Poreless Finish HD Micro-Powder Review

it cosmetics bye bye pores poreless finish hd micro-powder

Due to my large pores I’m always looking for pore minimizing products and I’ve always wanted to try IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Poreless Finish HD Micro-Powder which I was able to get when ULTA recently had a sale on this. Most products which claim to minimize pores that I’ve tried so far haven’t really made a significant difference so I despite the claims, I didn’t really have high hopes for this powder.

In addition to large pores, I have oily/combination skin which is also acne prone and sensitive. This powder is meant for all skin types including sensitive skin.

This is a translucent powder which is not meant to add any color to face when you use it and is supposed to disappear. But this is rarely the case especially with white transculent powders. I’ve found that beige or off white translucent powders seem better at not adding any color to the face when used.

This IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Poreless Finish HD Micro-Powder is a white translucent powder so I definitely wanted to see whether it left that ghost-like finish to my face as other white translucent powders I’ve used. But first…


Weightless, superfine and completely invisible finishing powder infused with hydro-collagen, silk and vitamins K, A, C & E transforms your skin for a poreless, shine-free complexion. Gently absorbs excess oil and minimizes the appearance of fine lines, pores and imperfections for an airbrushed, soft-focus finish.


it cosmetics bye bye pores poreless finish hd micro-powder ingredients

I LOVE the ingredient list. No parabens or talc in sight. Seems to be made with great ingredients which is probably why it’s not cheap. I don’t have a problem using powders that contain parabens and talc but it’s always nice to have something that doesn’t contain these ingredients at hand. So high marks from me for the ingredient list.



it cosmetics bye bye pores poreless finish hd micro-powder reviewDSCN1921 (2)

This is one of my smaller sized loose powders. It’s 6.8g / 0.23oz product. It comes with a white powder puff covering the sifter. Since loose powders can be messy and get everywhere, I did not remove the sticky tab that covered the holes in the sifter and punched only a four holes through the tab so that not a lot of powder is released. I usually shake a small amount of powder into the black top and use that.


This IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Poreless Finish HD Micro-Powder is a VERY finely milled powder with a barely noticeable scent.

Pores No More?

I think this powder will give you the poreless finish you are looking for if you have small and maybe medium sized pores. I have large pores and I noticed only a tiny difference in the size of my pores when I used this powder. Tiny is better than nothing though. It also did not settle in fine lines but I really didn’t notice much of a difference in pore size and my fine lines from using this IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Poreless Finish HD Micro-Powder.

Oil control?

Sure this powder eliminated all shine when first applied like all powders but it didn’t keep the shine away for long especially along my T zone. There was nothing special about this powder as far as oil control.

Casper the ghost?

I will say that this powder did not leave me as ghost like as other white translucent powders but it wasn’t completely invisible. You are instructed to use a very small amount of this powder to prevent the white cast. Using a small amount also prevents getting camera flashback especially when used to set under eye concealer.

I initially tested this out as a setting powder by using a small amount to set my foundation. While it didn’t look white, it looked a little off. After several hours of wear, this only got worse and by the end of the day there was a slight gray-like cast to my face which I didn’t much care for so I abandoned using this as a setting powder.

What I love using this powder for

While this was not a great finishing powder for my foundation, I’ve come to love it for setting my concealer so this is what I now mainly use this IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Poreless Finish HD Micro-Powder for.

It lasts all day and there is minimal creasing. It’s important to use a very small amount though to prevent camera flash back. Blending very well is also important. What the naked eye misses, the camera will pick up as I discovered once after a rushed blending job so blend and blend again.


Although this translucent powder has a great ingredient list, it’s not very impressive. I was expecting so much more. It doesn’t do anything significant to conceal large pores or fine lines but I still use it every now and then on the areas beside my nose with large pores but I don’t do this often since I don’t want a grayish cast on these areas.

It’s definitely not as bad as other white translucent HD powders as far as the white cast is concerned but it’s not invisible and not a good finishing powder. It also didn’t cause any negative skin reaction.

It only works for me as an under eye concealer setting powder and I will continue to reach for it for this. This is not a great powder for me but it’s also not the worst either. I would probably repurchase it because right now it’s my favorite for setting my under eye but I don’t know. But this is not a decision that I will have to make for a long time though since it will probably last a couple of years and probably more since I use such a small amount.

Rating: 6/10

Available for $24 at ULTA

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