June 2016 – Best Of The Month

the nubian 2 by juvias place

I usually like to pick one best of the month product but for this month, I couldn’t choose between these two although I actually wanted to make one of these two products below best of the month last month, but I wanted to give it one more month. Without further ado, here are the two products I’ve been obsessed with this month which are a cut above the rest.

Best of the month

  1. The Nubian 2 By Juvia’s Place

the best of the month june 2016

You may have guessed that the Nubian 2 was one of my faves from the first image. Despite making the post on this eyeshadow palette here, it took me until this month before I decided to get this eyshadow palette which was not helped by the fact that it kept selling out every time it was restocked. But it looks like the current restock was significant since it has been available for a long time this time around.

Anyway, Juvia’s Place hit it out the park with this eyeshadow palette which contains 12 eyeshadows in very large pans. Besides the eight shimmery/metallic shades, there are also 4 buttery soft matte shades. See swatches of these shades here.

Many eyeshadow palettes when used on dark skin can come off ashy but not this one. There are so many great colors for a colorful look or you can use the matte shades for a simple neutral look.

In addition, I’m loving the matte shades Morocco and Jezebel for use as blush in addition to using them on my eyes. I love all but one of the shades (Kenya which is just not dark enough for my skin) which is amazing by itself since it’s far too common for me not to be able to use at least half of the shades in an eyeshadow palette. But I think I will hit pan first on Jezebel which is just a beautiful soft matte shade which I love using with every look and as a blush.

Yaa and Sheba make great cheek highlighters as well as long as you use a very light hand because they are very pigmented. I highly recommend the Nubian 2 palette. The shadows are very pigmented, not ashy, you can create hundreds of looks and the packaging is stunning. I will probably do another separate in-depth review of this palette soon.

Grab this eyeshadow palette is $30

2. Book Of The Month Club Membership

book of the month club subscription

*3 month book club membership was provided to me free of charge. A review was not part of the free subscription and all opinions are mine.*

I’m a book-worm and have been all my life which isĀ  why I’m very surprised that this is my first book club membership. To me there is nothing quite like sinking my teeth into a really good book. I can forego sleep, hanging out with friends, etc, if the book is that good. I love books that much.

But unfortunately, I’m a creature of habit and I usually gravitate towards the same writers over and over again and I’m usually nervous about trying new writers because I’m afraid of the bad taste that will be left in my mouth by a bad book which has started to happen more and more even with the writers I usually read.

Which is why I JUMPED at the chance to receive a free 3 month subscription to join the Book of the Month Club which was offered to me. This gave me a fantastic chance to try books from authors I’m not familiar with that had been selected by various respected judges as a book of the month. So at least I could trust that the books were good since someone else who loves books did the work for me in finding a good book.

The first book I received was I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh. This book was such a fun read that I wished I was on a beach somewhere getting my summer reading on. The twist in the book completely took me by surprise which is hard to do nowadays after reading so many books.

I enjoyed this book so much that I was ready to crown Book of the Month Club as the best of the month last month but I decided to wait for the second book.

The book I selected for June was Enchanted Islands by Allison Amend and after reading this I wanted to plan a trip to the Galapagos Islands.

How the Book of the Month Club works is that the five judges for that month (celebrities, authors, magazine editors, etc), each pick a book of the month and if you subscribe to this club, you get to pick one of the five books to read. The window to pick a book is from the first to the fifth of each month although if you purchase a subscription during the month, you get a separate window to make your selection(s).

Anyway, you select a book and add it to your cart. If you want additional books, each additional book will cost you $9.99. Add whatever you desire to your cart and log out or check out the forum or whatever. After the fifth of the month, the book(s) in your cart will be processed and shipped to you free of charge. During the subscription process you will get to fill out a complete profile on the types of books you are interested in. You can also skip any months if you want.

I couldn’t recommend this subscription enough which is why it’s best of the month. If you’re a book-worm like me and need something fresh in your reading, this subscription will be awesome. It also makes a great gift to anyone who enjoys reading so definitely think about it for birthdays, Christmas, etc.

You can purchase a one month, 3-month or 12-month subscription. Click here for more on this subscription service.

For July one of the guest judges is Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post who selected Love That Boy by Ron Fournier. Past featured judges include Whoopi Goldberg, Craig Ferguson, Mayim Bialik, Hoda Kotb, Josh Radnor, etc.

The other books selected by the other judges for July 2016 are;

  • The Girls by Emma Cline
  • Rich & Pretty by Rumaan Alam
  • Missing, Presumed by Susie Steiner
  • Sleeping Giants: by Sylvain Neuvel

See All the July Book Selections at Book of the Month

I’m not yet sure which book I plan to select to receive for July but will read up on each of these books and make my selection in the next few days. Can’t wait to get my next book.

For a limited time, you can get 30% off a 3-month subscription with code SUMMER30. You also get a free tote and sunnies. Grab your subscription here.

What are your best of the month products for this month? Comment below.


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