Kiss New York Aqua BB Beauty Balm Review On Dark Skin + Swatches (Dark + Medium/Dark)

kiss new york aqua bb beauty balm review

BB creams may not be as much of a rage as they were a few years back but they are still great to have in your makeup bag especially for days when you’re not trying to do too much with your makeup. Having dark skin makes it even harder to find the right color since most brands do not have many options to suit the many complexions of black women especially if you are dark-skinned but there are a few brands out there that cater to those with darker skin with one of them being Kiss New York, so here’s my Kiss New York Aqua BB Beauty Balm review.

kiss new york aqua bb beauty balm

Not a tinted moisturizer

Although some people think of these as tinted moisturizers and even some BB creams on the market may be considered nothing more than tinted moisturizers, BB creams are not designed to be tinted moisturizers.

“BB” stands for beauty balm or blemish balm and while the excitement over BB creams has waned somewhat, they are still popular because they are supposed to be an all in one product that takes care of various skin issues. The current excitement for beauty or blemish balms is the result of their popularity in Asia (Korea) and some people state that the best ones are those that are made in Korea.

The all-in-one formulas contained in BB creams feature a combination of a moisturizer, SPF, anti-aging properties such as collagen boosting peptides and free radical fighting antioxidants. On top of all this, BB creams also provide a slight hint of sheer cover making the need for foundation, concealer or other makeup unnecessary or you don’t need as much and they help to cover various skin imperfections including blemishes. Great multi-tasker right? Some also feature properties to control oily skin.

Kiss New York Aqua BB Beauty Balm Review

This is an 8 in 1 formulation that is made in Korea and is designed for sensitive and acne prone skin which is what my skin type is so I thought this BB cream would be perfect. It also has a lot of great reviews which is why I was eager to try it for myself.

It only comes in four shades though – Light/Medium, Medium, Medium/Dark and Dark. The squeeze tube contains 1.5 fl. oz.

Since the dark looked too dark for me and the medium/dark looked too light for my complexion, I decided to get both. I thought mixing both would be able to give me the right shade that would match all areas of my face.

kiss new york aqua beauty balm

kiss aqua bb cream

Top, Medium Dark; Bottom, Dark

The 8 in 1 formulation means that it can be used as a,

  • base,
  • foundation,
  • concealer,
  • moisturizer,
  • for brightening,
  • oil control,
  • skin regeneration,
  • pore tightening.


With this multi-functional and high performance beauty balm enriched with powerful brightening and youth-infused properties, you will save time with just one easy step. It naturally covers and conceals any imperfections, nourishes the skin with vitamin B and E, and brightens your face by correcting uneven skin tone after continual use.


  • Leaves face completely matte (the best matte finish I have ever gotten from any foundation/bb cream)
  • It’s almost waterproof so it can withstand sweat if you are like me who sweats a lot during the summer.
  • Can withstand heat so there is minimal chance of it melting off during hot summer days.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Even though it says that it can act as a moisturizer, I still recommend using a moisturizer first especially if you have dry skin but other than that, you don’t need much of anything else which I liked. You may need just a tiny bit of additional concealer if you have a lot of blemishes but it does a great job of covering most dark marks.
  • Cuts out a lot of steps in any makeup routine.
  • Lightweight.
  • Does blur the look of large pores.
  • Oil control lasts for several hours unlike many of my oil control products.
  • It’s long wearing.


  • There is a reason I did not include a photo of how it looked because my skin looked AWFUL after applying this bb cream because the undertone was all wrong for me. The undertones of these two bb creams were more neutral which caused me to look ashy/gray. I have a cool undertone. I even tried to use some powder/blush/highlighter to help it look a little better to no avail. And it looked worse the longer I had it on my skin to the point that I couldn’t wait to wash it off.
  • It is hard to believe that this is a bb cream because it is like a full coverage foundation which causes it to look mask like even though it does feel light weight on the skin. A bb cream is supposed to make it look like your skin but better but not with this one. It is very obvious that you have makeup on with this BB cream which I didn’t like.
  • It is a very dry formula which is great if you have oily skin but not so much if you have dry or combination skin because the dry areas of my skin just looked extremely dry and terrible with this BB cream.
  • Because of this dry formula, this Kiss New York Aqua BB Beauty Balm settles into fine lines and any other imperfections on the skin making them look worse.
  • It does transfer a little bit.

Because of the great reviews, I really wanted to love this Kiss New York Beauty Balm and wanted it to work since us chocolate sistas don’t have much of a selection of BB creams to speak of.

I also wanted to love it because of how matte it left my t-zone but it is just terrible for my skin mainly because of the undertone as well as how dry it left the rest of my face.

If this is your undertone, it may work better for you and if you have struggled to find something that mattifies your oily skin for long periods, you may need to try this bb cream. As for me, I may give these away to someone because I have tried in all ways to make these BB creams work but failed.

So that’s my Kiss New York Aqua BB Beauty Balm review. I hated this BB cream but since it seems to have such great reviews, you may want to try it for yourself. It may work better for you. This would really be great to use in the summer because it can withstand the heat. I wanted to love it but I can’t walk around looking ashy/gray.

If you have the undertone that matches this, it is available at ikatehouse for $8.99 as well as at various beauty supply stores.

If you are still on the search for a BB cream for dark skin, you may want to try the one from Iman Cosmetics or my personal favorite which is from Black Radiance (I have Chocolate and Brown Sugar) which is less than $6!


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