L.A. Girl Perfecting Liquid Makeup Review On Dark Skin + Swatches (Cocoa and Espresso)

l.a. girl perfecting liquid makeup review

I’ll just go ahead and say it. This foundation is AMAZING! For a $4.99 foundation, it is crazy how fantastic it is. It is my new favorite foundation even considering some of the high-end foundations I have used. Though this is my favorite, there are still some cons to mention so with that said, read on for my L.A. Girl Perfecting Liquid Makeup review.

I love most L.A. Girl products. Most of the products are relatively inexpensive and if you are dark-skinned, you will not feel left out especially when you are in the market for a foundation/powder/concealer as you would with most drugstore brands.

I had actually seen this foundation a few times but never felt the need to get it. I simply looked at the price and thought that it couldn’t possible be any good. How wrong I was! The shade selection is also very impressive especially for us darker hued divas. I bought this for $4.99 at ikatehouse which has about 18 shades with several shades that would suit the darker skinned and not just have one or two dark shades to select from as is common with other brands. So L.A. Girl is good in my book. Now on to this foundation.

Two Shades

Since I can never find the perfect shade for my skin which is also due to the fact that my face is not one shade with the center being lighter than the perimeter, I usually prefer to get two shades which is what I did with this L.A. Girl Liquid Makeup. This means that I usually get the two darkest shades and in this case I got Cocoa and Espresso. While buying two foundations can get expensive, when the foundation costs only $4.99, buying two is still quite inexpensive. The bottle contains 1 fl. oz (29.5ml)

la girl perfecting liquid makeup review

But as you can see from the swatches below, I did not need to do this. There is probably about half a shade difference between the two and from trying both out, either one would have worked just fine.

la girl perfecting liquid makeup

Top, Cocoa; Bottom, Espresso

la girl foundation review

Another angle

l.a. girl foundation review on dark skin

Without camera flash

As you may be able to tell from the above, Cocoa has a slightly redder undertone (not too red) whereas Espresso has a more neutral tone but surprisingly both work and I can use either one on its own although I choose to use the cocoa on the center of my face and espresso on the outer areas of my face just so that they will be depleted at the same time.

L.A Girl Perfecting Liquid Makeup Review


Achieve and maintain a glowing complexion with L.A. Girl Perfecting Liquid Makeup.
Helps to improve skin’s appearance while moisturizing & nourishing skin! oil-free with Vitamin C & E!


I moisturized my face and followed up with a primer since I have combination/oily skin. As mentioned previously, I applied a few drops of cocoa on the center of my face and a few drops of espresso on the perimeter and used my favorite way to apply foundation which is with my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge to blend the both foundations into my skin. But it works with brushes too.

Depite looking thick, this foundation provides light to medium coverage and is buildable without leaving you with a cake face. But no matter how much you build, you’ll not get to full coverage. The light to medium coverage was sufficient to cover up to an extent some of my hyperpigmentation from acne scars but concealer may be necessary if you need complete coverage.





This foundation when aplied leaves more of a dewy finish and you have to set it with powder.

With rest of my makeup

With rest of my makeup

With my hair did

With my hair did


  • This foundation really gives a great finish
  • Amazing color range for dark skin
  • In a glass bottle
  • Inexpensive
  • Comes with a pump which many higher end foundations don’t even include in many cases
  • Covers up most of my hyperpigmentation making the need for a skin tone matching concealer to cover up any hyperpigmentation unnecessary generally especially since I don’t want perfect skin. It’s great for some imperfections to show a little.
  • Does not feel heavy on the skin even when you build up coverage
  • Did not break me out


  • This L.A. Girl Perfecting Liquid Makeup sets into fine lines (starting to develop) and large pores (always had). Will need a separate product to address these concerns before applying foundation which I didn’t do above which I plan to do going forward. I have yet to find a high end or drugstore foundation that blurs large pores/fine lines but the search continues.
  • Not a summer foundation if you have oily skin and sweat a lot. It will slide off in the hot weather. However, the wear was improved when I used Milk of Magnesia (MOM) as a primer and even when I sweated, there was still foundation on my face but I try not to use MOM every time that I apply makeup and use my other primers which perform poorly as far as extending the wear of this or any other liquid foundation during the summer. During the summer, I prefer to use my Black Opal cream foundation stick which works well with any primer.
  • Doesn’t do much for oil control so you will need an oil controlling primer if you have oily skin.
  • I had to be careful with the pump for the cocoa shade otherwise if I was not careful, it would release too much product or squirt product everywhere. Since the pump for the espresso shade worked fine, I may assume that this is not an issue on all pumps but it is annoying.
  • It does transfer but setting it may help a little bit.

But as soon as fall/winter/spring comes along, this will be my go to foundation every time I wear makeup! As far as the wear for me, it really depends on the primer that I use really.


Despite the cons, I can’t say enough good things about this L.A. Girl Perfecting Liquid Makeup foundation and would repurchase over and over again. So impressed with the finish (aside for not doing much for my large pores) and the finish looked about as good as what I get from my high-end foundations.


I hope this L.A. Girl Perfecting Liquid Makeup review has made you realize why you need this foundation if you don’t already have it!

Get it at ikatehouse.com for $4.99 $3.99

*UPDATE* It’s fall and I’ve been using this foundation more and more and I am still very impressed with the quality of this foundation. This is just an amazing foundation. Can’t believe that it’s less than $5.


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