L.A. Girl Pro Conceal: Orange Corrector – Finally The Perfect Orange Corrector For Me!

la girl orange corrector review

I was simply minding my own business while browsing the ikatehouse.com website trying to see whether there was anything new or interesting. Since I am running low on the L.A. Girl concealer in dark cocoa, I decided to click on the concealers to see whether I should replenish this shade as well as whether there were any other colors I may want to get.

Imagine my surprise at seeing a few new colors including an orange corrector. I quickly put that in the cart as well as the dark cocoa concealer and the brand new mahogany concealer and paid. I was not messing around! Orange correctors seem to have a tendency to sell out so I was not taking any chances.

Why you need an orange corrector

I actually only discovered the wonders of color correcting in the past year or so. For my under eye dark circles, hyperpigmentation as well as my “natural mustache” above my top lip, I usually used a skin toned concealer, but it never really eliminated the darkness in these areas entirely. Some darkness would emerge from the foundation which was so annoying because I would have to apply more and more product and before you know it, it became cakey. It also had a tendency to look gray.

This is why color correctors are recommended. They neutralize or “color-correct” these dark circles and other dark blemishes. When you look at the color wheel which contains various colors including purples, greens, yellows, etc, every color on the color wheel has a corresponding “neutralizing” color. This is why a red pimple requires a green color corrector to conceal it and so on and so forth.

color wheel makeup

From the above orange cancels out blue (dark marks usually have blue undertones)

Dark circles have a blue hue and you need orange or peach to neutralize these dark circles. Simply applying a skin toned concealer is not as effective as using a corrector. Orange or peach correctors are usually designed for those with olive or dark skin.

Why I love L.A Girl orange corrector

la girl pro conceal corrector orangela girl hd orange corrector review

I have tried a few orange or peach correctors including BH Cosmetics 6 Color Conceal & Corrector which contains a peach corrector which I use every now and then but just do not like mainly because of the consistency.

I also recently tried L.A. Colors Cover-up Pro Concealer stick in pure orange but hate it because the texture is a bit greasy and it moves around a lot and is a disaster when applied over a primer.

I also tried an orange lipstick mixed with my concealer (after watching a YouTube video!) and it helped a little bit but nothing to rave about.

The MAC Studio Conceal and Correct Palette in dark has been on my wish list because one of the shades it contains is a pure orange corrector but I just could not justify spending $40 to only use one or two colors out of the six in this palette!

orange correctorL.A. Girl saw my tears and heard my prayers and created this orange corrector. The consistency is great. It’s super pigmented and a little goes a long way. I simply tap on a little of the corrector to the areas I need correcting (under eye, my “natural mustache” and sometimes around my mouth and a few acne scars).

After tapping on this L.A. Girl Orange Corrector I simply use my fake beauty blender (Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge which I love!) and “stipple” it. It’s creamy and easy to blend (much like the LA Girl concealers). I then follow-up with a concealer or foundation and it gives me the perfect finish. Applying foundation or concealer does not dilute the effect of the corrector. I love it!

It spreads so easily and does not move after it sets (it sets quickly just so you know) and lasts all day. It’s very pigmented and covers everything I need covered seamlessly but remember as mentioned earlier, a little goes a long way.

But if you are lighter skinned which would make a peach corrector probably better for your skin tone, you may want to tone down the orange if you decide to use this orange corrector by using your concealer either applied over this orange or mixed with this orange (to create more of a peach than orange tone) and apply this to your problem areas.

This orange corrector also works well whether you apply it over primer or without primer.

If you love the L.A. Girl concealers (I haven’t found anyone yet who doesn’t love them and have been compared to the much more expensive MAC prolongwear concealers), you will love their correctors.

Besides the orange corrector, they also have the yellow corrector (covers up purple tones in the skin) and green corrector (covers up red tones). Get ‘em while you can and for less than $3, this is an awesome deal!

la girl orange corrector


Overall rating – 9.5/10

Purchase at ikatehouse.com for $2.99


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  1. Zamah says:

    Thank you for the concise review, was hesitant and a bit confused as to which colour corrector to buy. So I ended up not buying anything. Now I know the Orange concealer is the way to go for my chocolate skintone 🙂 Thanks again!

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