L.A. Girl PRO HD Setting Spray Review

la girl pro hd setting spray review

I didn’t much care for the last product that I reviewed from L.A Girl (L.A. Girl Pro Prep HD Smoothing Face Primer), but since I like this brand, I decided to give the setting spray a whirl. This is another of their newer additions to their product line. If you are curious about this product, here is my L.A. Girl PRO HD Setting Spray Review to help you out.

This high-definition setting spray does claim to give a long-lasting matte finish and is paraben and fragrance free so if these are important to you, this setting spray is for you.

I bought this at ikatehouse.com for $4.99 and it is 1 FL. OZ. (30 ml).


The instructions state that you should spray this 12″ – 16″ away from the face but because this L.A. Girl PRO HD Setting Spray is so lightweight, I sprayed it a lot closer to my face than the instructions state a few times with no issues.

Some of the claims for this setting spray include;

  • Lightweight and non-sticky formula
  • Helps keep makeup last longer
  • Natural matte finish

l.a.girl pro hd setting spray

My Thoughts:


  1. This setting spray is very lightweight and gives a fine mist which I really liked. Once I use up this setting spray, I may transfer some of my other setting sprays to this bottle and hope that I still get a lightweight fine mist.
  2. It dried very quickly whether I lightly misted my face or drenched my face.
  3. It did prevent makeup transfer.
  4. While it did not give me a matte finish, I did like the way my makeup looked after spraying this. It was halfway between a matte and dewy finish.
  5. It’s non-sticky.
  6. Not much of a fragrance which is nice.


  1. My biggest gripe about this L.A. Girl PRO HD Setting Spray is that the bottle is so little. It is about half the amount of product as my $3 e.l.f Makeup Mist & Set (2.02 fl. oz). My two NYX Setting sprays cost $7.99 each for 2.03 fl. oz. and my Hard Candy Fast & Fabulous Makeup Setting Spray cost me $6 for 2.2 fl. oz. In comparison to these setting sprays, this L.A. Girl setting spray is more expensive for the amount of product you get and this is L.A. Girl we are talking about which is supposed to be much cheaper than most brands! Don’t know why they were so stingy with the product. I had a similar complaint with their primer also.
  2. Though they claim that it is long-lasting, it didn’t last long for me but I think that is because I have oily skin and with the summer and me sweating a lot, this setting spray was not bound to last long. It may be longer lasting for me in the cooler months methinks. When I do use Milk of Magnesia as a primer which is the best I have found so far for controlling my oil production especially during the summer, the setting spray did last longer. So it definitely depends on your skin type and the primer that you use or don’t use.


Despite the cons, I actually love this setting spray and prefer it to my other setting sprays. From the light weight mist and it drying quickly and preventing my makeup from transferring, it is a great spray. I will definitely repurchase which I will have to do soon since I have used it so much that I only have one usage or so left which is not helped because this is such a small bottle (yes, I will continue griping about this!).


I hope this L.A. Girl PRO HD Setting Spray review was helpful to you in making a decision on whether to give this a try. I do like it so you should definitely give it a shot.

Available at ikatehouse.com for $4.99.

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