L.A. Girl Pro Primer Eyeshadow Stick Review (Black, White, Nude)

la girl pro eyeshadow primer stick review

I have oily eyelids which seems to worsen my eyeshadow creasing really badly and my first experience with an eyeshadow primer years ago was with the original Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion (UDEPP). You could say I started with the best but after many years of using it and being very happy with it, it dried out on me and I decided to look for something cheaper.

It doesn’t get much cheaper than the e.l.f. Mineral Eyeshadow Primer which costs a whopping $3 and really does almost as good a job as the UDEPP in my humble opinion of keeping my eyeshadows crease free. However, I just wasn’t reaching for this primer much in the years that I’ve owned it. I preferred using my stick concealer as a shadow base although it didn’t do such as great job at preventing creasing since this is not what it is created for.

Since I like a lot of L.A. Girl products, I decided to try their stick eyeshadow primer and got the complete set in white, nude and black to test since the set was so inexpensive. While the white and nude eyeshadows I bought to use with any shadow, I got the black to intensify black and other very dark shadows.

la girl pro primer eyeshadow stick review

L.A. Girl Pro Primer Eyeshadow Stick Review


This L.A. Girl PRO Primer HD High-Definition Eyeshadow Primer stick is a multi-tasking primer that has a light weight, non-sticky formula that sets for long-lasting eye makeup application.
The silky smooth texture glides over eyelids to prepare your eyes for a flawless and even application.
Pro Primer allows you to wear your favorite eye shadow all day long while enhancing the pigments in most eye shadows.


la girl primer hd eyeshadow stick

Same ingredient list for all three primers


The L.A. Girl Pro Primer Eyeshadow stick is very creamy and applies easily. It is very pigmented unlike the e.l.f. primer which applies quite sheer. If you’re fair skinned, these primers (except the black) will blend into your skin or cover up any discoloration.

The L.A. Girl Pro Primer Eyeshadow stick does not completely dry unlike the e.l.f. primer which dries completely and very fast so you have to work fast to blend it out. Both primers are not sticky or tacky and have a matte finish.

Unlike the elf primer, the L.A. Girl primer sticks (especially the black and nude stick primers) are able to enhance eyeshadows as you can see from the photo below when I used a purple shadow on bare skin as well as on top of the primers.

la girl pro primer stick

The e.l.f. primer actually lightened up the shadow which is interesting to see because I will probably not be reaching for it too much although I like how fast and completely it dries and its crease prevention. This L.A. Girl Pro Primer Eyeshadow Stick Review has really helped me see how various primers perform as far as enhancing eyeshadow.


  • Rich and creamy compared to the sheer e.l.f. primer.
  • Very inexpensive
  • Easy to use
  • Prevents creasing for at least 7 hours for matte shadows (if you use shimmer eyeshadows, it will be about 4 hours crease-proof)
  • Intensify eyeshadow colors


  • It doesn’t completely dry but you have to give it a couple of minutes or so of drying time before you apply eyeshadow otherwise eyeshadows will start creasing within 2 to 3 hours.
  • Because these primers don’t completely dry, you may have to tap the eyeshadow onto the eyelid and not smear it on the eyelid otherwise the primer will move.


The L.A. Girl Pro Primer Eyeshadow stick does a decent job of preventing eyeshadow creasing for a good seven or so hours and they make great everyday primers. If you need longer wear or use a lot of shimmer shadows, you may need to get UDEPP or something similar. These primers are so easy to use which is why unlike the e.l.f. primer, I will be reaching for these a lot more frequently. My days of using concealer as a primer are probably over since these primers are so easy to use.

That’s my L.A. Girl Pro Primer EyeShadow stick review. I would definitely recommend these primers for day-to-day use.

Rating: 8/10

Get the individual primers for $1.99 or the set for $5.97 $4.99 at ikatehouse.


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