Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation Review + Swatches (Brown or 180=R530)

make up for ever ultra hd invisible cover foundation review

Every review I’ve seen of this Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation has been positive so I really wanted to try this stick foundation out because stick foundations are my favorite way to apply foundation although I still use liquid and powder foundations. I love my Black Opal True Color Crème Stick Foundation in the shade suede mocha but wanted to try other stick foundations because this Black Opal though I do make it work, is not the perfect shade for me.

I was actually deciding on whether to test this foundation out or the recently released Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Longwear Foundation Stick but since the former has been around longer with great reviews, I decided to go with Make Up For Ever.

 MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundationmake up forever stick foundationmufe stick foundation review

Both companies seem to have great shade ranges for dark skin but I only have experience with Make Up For Ever foundations having used and loved the Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet  + Mattifying Foundation in the shade chocolate which although it was a tiny bit too dark for me, I still loved and used it frequently. So if they can make a shade that was a little too dark for me, I thought they would have a shade for me in this stick foundation. WRONG!

But before we get into why I HATED this stick foundation, first things first.


ULTRA HD stick foundation feels like a second skin and still provides medium to full coverage while looking flawless and natural. Exclusive 4K Complex guarantees invisible, natural and comfortable makeup. The creamy texture blends in seamlessly to conceal imperfections. Perfect for touchups, the formula glides on and makes skin look even-toned and moisturized with a soft satin finish.


 MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation

This has a net weight of 0.44 oz which is definitely a lot less than their liquid foundations but this isn’t an issue because stick foundations although they weight less usually last a long time. By comparison, my Black Opal stick foundation is 0.50 oz. and this has lasted me over a year.

Shade range

I ordered this online from Sephora since online shopping is my preferred way to shop and Sephora has 15 shades with Brown (180=R530) which I got being the darkest. Since Make Up For Ever seems to have great shade ranges for dark skin as I mentioned before, I thought brown would work for me.

It didn’t. While Black Opal’s stick foundation in suede mocha isn’t the right shade for me, it is still slightly darker than this Make Up For Ever ULTRA HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation. This was disappointing for me since I had been hoping that MUFE would be slightly darker than the Black Opal suede mocha. See swatches of this foundation including a comparison with the Black Opal stick foundation below.

 MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation brown swatch

MUFE Brown – 180

make up forever stick vs black opal stick

Top Black Opal Suede Mocha, Bottom MUFE 180 – Brown


I applied this MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation with and without primer and I seemed to get the same finish and wear time whether I used a primer or not. Some primers definitely work better than others so if you do try this, you may have to experiment with various primers to find the one that works best with this foundation.

I used a damp beautyblender and/ or foundation brush to apply this foundation although I preferred using a brush so that I wouldn’t miss any spots with this cream formula. Sometimes I applied this stick foundation with a brush first and then used a sponge to finish this off if I needed to. Depending on the brush used, I would or wouldn’t need a sponge as a last step.



After (on top of primer)

After (on top of primer)

With some additional light makeup

With some additional light makeup

Make Up For Ever ULTRA HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation Review

I don’t understand why this foundation has such great reviews. My Black Opal stick foundation while not perfect is so much better than this foundation and a lot cheaper too!


First of all, I was very disappointed in the shade range. Not only was the darkest shade – brown – not dark enough for me but it was also on the yellowish side and I would have preferred it to be on the reddish side.

While I used my various powders to try to make it work for my complexion, I just never really liked the look of my makeup when I used this foundation especially as the hours went by.


It has a greasy texture and looks greasy even in the tube. The worst thing is that I would “hear” the grease as I was spreading this foundation on my skin. Hated that sound so much. But it did not leave my face greasy and the finish was satin as claimed.


Although they claim medium to full coverage, I felt that this was light to medium light coverage. It just didn’t give me the coverage that I needed over certain dark marks on my face even when I added another layer to those specific areas. Again, the Black Opal stick foundation did a better job of covering these same dark marks.


This lasted about six to seven hours which is the only thing that is comparable to the Black Opal foundation. Both are not long wearing so if I had a long day at work, I would probably not use this foundation. I may use the Black Opal foundation but not this one since I can make the Black Opal work better than this one.

Another thing about the wear which I loathed about this Make Up For Ever ULTRA HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation is that as the hours went by, it seemed to look like it was trying to separate itself from my skin. It would look fine the first hour but then start to take on a different texture as the day wore on and by the 6th or 7th hour, I would be ready to wash it off because my makeup just didn’t look that great and no amount of powder or my beloved Mally Face Defender could help.

I don’t really understand why they claim a natural and flawless finish because even if this was the right shade for me, the texture is just not right which becomes more and more obvious as the day wears on and it’s obvious that I have foundation on.

It also settles into fine lines and gets worse as the day wears on. Really the worst of my foundations that does this. It also doesn’t do much for large pores but it doesn’t claim to do so.

Oil control?

I don’t really think this is a foundation for those with oily skin like mine especially with the greasy feel that it has although it did not perform that much worse as far as oil control is concerned than most of my foundations. By the second hour after application, my oils would start breaking through and I would have to start blotting when the third hour rolled around which is about the same as with my other foundations including Black Opal.

I just didn’t like how greasy it looked out of the tube and while applying it to my skin.

But I also don’t think it will work for dry skin especially after using one of my mattifying primers on one of the days that I was testing this foundation. The look and wear of this foundation was probably the worst it was when I used a mattifying primer.


Like I said, I don’t understand the positive reviews for this Make Up For Ever ULTRA HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation. It definitely wasn’t invisible. I really tried to make this foundation work which is why I took so long testing it out between using other products, so I can’t even return it. My $10 Black Opal True Color Crème Stick Foundation definitely performs so much better than this foundation which costs $43 at Sephora.

Will definitely not be repurchasing. Will try to mix it with other foundations to use it up and maybe even use it as a subtle highlight underneath my eyes. The greasiness will probably work better underneath my eyes since that area can be very dry.

I would not recommend this MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation based on my experience but then again, everyone is different and this stick foundation does have many rave reviews so you may love it. From my experience, I would recommend the Black Opal Stick Foundation instead.

 Rating: 3/10 (only because sometimes – not always – I would like the finish of the foundation immediately after I applied it but of course as the hours wore on, it would start to look terrible.)

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