Miss Spa Facial Sheet Mask Exfoliate Review

miss spa facial sheet mask exfoliate

I had seen these Miss Spa products before as I was browsing the cosmetics section at Walmart but it wasn’t until a week or so ago that I decided to try out one of their products. I decided to get one of the sheet masks and though there were various kinds that targeted specific skin issues (brighten, hydrate, firm and lift, energize, etc), I decided to get the exfoliate “reveal smooth skin” sheet mask.

This post is my Miss Spa facial sheet mask exfoliate review in case you are considering this product. I was also intrigued by this brand because the back of the packet stated that this is a women owned company.

miss spa facial sheet mask review

The sheet mask craze!

Sheet masks are another product that is popular in the Asian (in this case Korean) beauty industry that has made its way to the West. While these products that make it to the West from Asia are never quite the same (as good or as effective) as their Asian counterparts, this Miss Spa facial sheet mask is made in Taiwan so maybe that helps.

Sheet masks are loved because unlike other masks they are not meant to dry and are presoaked with a formula to treat various skin issues and because the sheet remains on your face, it is believed that this ensures maximum effectiveness and absorption of the formula into the skin. These are usually an individually wrapped at home facial product that is said to produce fast results in about 15 to 20 minutes.

Miss Spa Facial Sheet Mask Exfoliate Review

I am all about the exfoliation life since as we get older, natural skin exfoliation slows down. In addition, I have some dark acne marks that I am trying to get rid of so this exfoliate sheet mask was my first choice.

Per the packaging, it states

  • Results in 20 minutes

  • Discover the beauty of spa results at home!

  • Dull, tired skin gets sloughed away, revealing a fresh, glowing complexion and a whole new radiance you’re bound to fall in love with.

It is also paraben, fragrance and artificial dye free.

The instructions are to unfold the mask and remove the paper backing and pat the mask onto clean dry skin and leave on for 20  minutes. After 20 minutes, the mask is to be removed and the remaining solution gently patted into the skin.

My experience

I removed the Miss Spa facial sheet mask exfoliate from the packet and it was so soaked with product that there remained some inside the packet. I applied to my face. There was a slight tingling with the mask on my face but it wasn’t unpleasant. It does contain pineapple and lemon extracts so that may be the cause of the tingling.

miss spa facial sheet mask exfoliating review

Straight out of a horror flick!

After about 25 minutes (the sheet mask did not dry), I removed the mask and discarded it and pressed the remaining product into my skin. It was a bit sticky but after it dried which was after a few minutes, the stickiness went away.

Next time, I will not discard the sheet mask immediately but based on comments by other people, I will press more of the product into my skin, neck and chest and then discard the sheet mask.


  • Easy to use.
  • Doesn’t require too much time.
  • After removing the mask and after the product remaining on my face dried, I noticed that the texture of my skin looked better (clearer and smoother).
  • But I was really impressed the next morning because my skin really looked good. Just wow! Fresh and bright. Obviously, it will probably take several treatments before I can decide whether it can help fade dark marks but I was really impressed with how my skin looked even after I applied a little makeup.


  • I spent $3.99 which may be cheap for some people but it is a bit much for me especially if you want this as a regular aspect of a beauty regimen.
  • The mask seemed created for people with a narrower space between the eyes. On me, the mask was a little tight and uncomfortable in the eye area.

Overall verdict

Loved the way my skin felt and looked so I will definitely repurchase this Miss Spa facial sheet mask exfoliate and I may also try some of the other sheet masks that address other skin issues such as the lift and firm sheet mask.

Overall rating: 9/10

Hope you found this Miss Spa facial sheet mask exfoliate review useful in deciding whether to try this mask or not.

Available at soap.com for $3.99


4 thoughts on “Miss Spa Facial Sheet Mask Exfoliate Review

  1. Lina says:

    I used the exfoliating face mask and right after applying my skin felt like it was burning. I remoed it 3 minutes after cause i just couldn’t take it

  2. Rachele says:

    I used this mask last night. I followed the directions and everything felt fine, but when I woke this morning, my face was red, blotchy, and had bumps that itched badly. I do not recommend!

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