Missy Lynn Palette Review On Dark Skin

missy lynn palette review

It’s amazing the opportunities that YouTube has presented for many people but it usually seems like black Youtubers get the short end of the stick which is why it was such a big deal that BH Cosmetics decided to work with popular YouTuber Missy Lynn also known as “Start2FinishMUA”, who is also an active duty military member. They have produced palettes in collaboration with a few other YouTube beauty gurus so it was good to see Missy Lynn also get this opportunity.

Now although I wanted to support, I just wasn’t sure whether the palette was dark skin friendly (besides the purples) so I was dragging my feet about getting this palette although its been out for several months now. I had seen this on the BH Cosmetics’ site most often for $11.95 (retail value of $19.00) but there was a recent sale were you could get this for $8.95 so I snapped it up and I can now do my Missy Lynn Palette review! Recently, I saw the same palette for $8.00 and its now $10, so the price does fluctuate quite frequently. Whatever the price, it is still a great deal.

missy lynnThe packaging is very cute and probably one of their better ones and the quote from Missy Lynn on the inside “Start with Confidence. Finish with Success” is a great motto to live by. It’s definitely a palette you can carry around with you without any issues because of the sturdy and secure packaging.

It comes with 6 shadows and amazingly, two baked highlighters. As you can see, the shadows are much larger than the usual size of BH Cosmetics eye shadows so you do get a significant amount. It also has a nice sized mirror.

All the colors are very pigmented and only the brown on the upper right is useless to me because it does not show up on my dark skin. Of course I love the two purples but who doesn’t love purple?

missy lynn paletteThe palette includes two shades of purple, two matte and two shimmery neutrals. There are so many looks you can create using just this palette including the one I created below. The eye shadows work well wet or dry.

I did try using them without a primer but within the hour, they started creasing but my eyelids do get oily so I need an eyeshadow primer to keep eyeshadow in place.

The shadows are a bit powdery unless you use a wet brush. The two purples are my favorite colors of course but I already have many purples so thankfully we got something different in the form of the two highlighters and I especially love the rose gold highlight. I do think that these highlighters are only suitable for night-time wear because they have too much sparkle for daytime wear but they are gorgeous and you only need a very small amount. I also love the highlighters for use as an eyeshadow (center of my eyelid) and as a brow bone highlight.

missy lynn palette reviewmissy lynn paletteI loved how it turned out and as I said, many looks can be created with just this palette alone but it also works great with other palettes. And that’s my Missy Lynn Palette review for ya! It’s a decent palette so if you haven’t gotten it yet, you should definitely get your hands on it!

Overall rating: 8/10

Get yours at BH Cosmetics

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