Natural Home Remedies For Hair Loss That Are Simple And Effective

natural home remedies for hair loss that are simple and effective

Before we get into the natural home remedies for hair loss that are simple and effective, it is important to get an understanding of hair loss which can affect both men and women and while it can be hard on many men, it is especially hard on women since hair is often a signal of health and beauty. But hair loss and thinning hair while normal can be reversed using various products and remedies including various home remedies for hair loss that work.

When there is an abnormality in this cycle, hair loss also known as alopecia occurs when hairs fall out from the root, the hair breaks close to or at the root and may stop growing leading to bald spots.

There are many reasons for the cause of hair loss and/or bald spots such as normal male or female pattern balding, hormonal changes, or in women who are going through menopause when a reduction in the female hormone estrogen leads to thinning hair. Many other times, it could be due to illness, sudden weight loss, eczema, toxins, ring worms, blood disorders and even stress which can have a devastating impact on health and well as the skin and hair.

If you are experiencing hair loss, you may want to first have a dermatologist perform an evaluation. Frequently for many women besides stress, the common culprit is bad hair care and hair styling practices that lead to hair loss and bald spots.

Besides hair loss resulting from hair breakage, there are three other main causes of hair loss in namely, traction alopecia, follicular regeneration syndrome and alopecia areata which will be discussed further in another article.

Many people who suffer from traction alopecia or alopecia areata have tried various natural remedies for hair loss to stop the hair loss and regrow the hair with varying degrees of success. Some of the common natural home remedies for hair loss that are simple and effective include the following;

Home remedies for hair loss that work

i. Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Emu Oil, Jasmine Oil, Amla Oil, Argan Oil

Many swear by Jamaican Black Castor Oil applied to the site of the thinning hair or bald spot and massaging the area for a few minutes to help regrow the hair. Coconut oil and emu oil are other oils also used in the process of eliminating bald spots and regrowing hair. Be sure to use the organic version.

Give it at least three months to see whether you experience any benefits from applying these oils to the affected area. A key element is to ensure that you follow the application of the oil with a scalp massage for at least 10 minutes. Massaging the scalp stimulates the hair follicles. Stimulated hair follicles may lead to hair growth unless you have scar tissue from burns on your scalp from products or tools used.

ii. Onion

Onion is another of the best natural home remedies for hair loss which are simple and effective because it contains sulfur which is hair healing and stimulates hair follicles which can help to regrow hair. An onion is usually cut and the onion rubbed onto the bald spot until it becomes red and then shampooed off. The onion can also be placed in a blender and the onion juice applied to the bald spot and left on for up to an hour or longer before shampooing.

iii. Coriander

Another of the easy homemade remedies for hair loss is applying green coriander juice to the affected area may also help eliminate the bald spot and regrow hair.

iv. Cayenne pepper

Adding cayenne pepper to an oil such as extra virgin olive oil, castor oil, etc is also used by many suffering from hair loss and bald spots is another of the popular natural remedies for hair loss. Cayenne pepper which is quite spicy creates a tingle that is thought to stimulate hair follicles to produce hair. Cayenne pepper or any other red pepper irritates the scalp leading to inflammation and the body’s response is to heal this area which stimulates growth. Other spices used include black pepper.

a. Version 1

1 cup extra virgin olive oil (or other oils such as sesame, almond, grapeseed, etc)
1 tbsp cayenne pepper

This is also great if you suffer from dandruff. Warm the oil, add in the pepper and massage onto the scalp for at least 10 minutes. Cover with a plastic cap or plastic bag and leave on overnight and shampoo in the morning. Use once or twice a week or as often as you like.

b. Version 2 (not recommended if you have dry hair since alcohol is very drying)

A fifth of vodka
3 ounces of cayenne pepper

This is the most common version. If you prefer the nonalcoholic version, the first version will do. Add the cayenne pepper to the vodka a leave in a cool, dark place for at least two weeks. After two weeks, shake and use a strainer. Store in a bottle and rub into the scalp once or twice a week. Can even be used daily.

v. Salt

A teaspoon of salt, a teaspoon of black pepper powder and 5 teaspoons of coconut oil are combined and applied to the bald spot.

vi. Garlic Oil

Vinegar Has Been Used For Decades To Stop Hair Loss & Grow New Hair! Garlic oil is another of the best natural home remedies for hair loss that are simple and effective and it contains many healing properties and has been used for centuries by Japanese women to combat hair loss and is one of the best natural remedies for hair loss. Garlic oil that can be obtained from softgel capsules are odorless so you do not have to deal with the pungent smell of garlic which is a deterrent for many who would love to use this treatment for hair loss. Simply break apart the softgel capsules to obtain the garlic oil.

Apply this oil to dry hair once a day. You should give this about 3 months to see whether it works for you.

a. use a steamed towel to warm the area first.
b. apply the garlic oil to the affected area and massage gently into the scalp.
c. leave this on overnight and shampoo in the morning.

vii. Sesame Oil and Ginger

Sesame oil is widely used to fight against hair loss like many other oils like castor oil, coconut oil, etc. Ginger has many beneficial properties and stimulates the scalp making this a powerful combination for hair growth. This sesame oil and ginger scalp treatment can improve circulation in the scalp, can stimulate hair growth, reduce hair shedding and hair breakage and also deal with various scalp infections and irritations.

a. get a piece of fresh ginger root and grate it.
b. obtain ginger juice by squeezing these gratings through a piece of gauze
c. mix equal parts of this ginger juice with pure sesame oil and whisk until blended.
d. massage this mixture starting from the scalp to the ends of the hair for about 10 minutes. Leave on for at least an hour or overnight if the concoction does not sting and then shampoo out.

If the scalp becomes irritated, use less ginger or leave on for only a few minutes.

NOTE: Ginger has properties that will lighten your hair but not drastically. Using unrefined sesame oil with ginger will actually darken your hair so this is a great option if you do not want your hair to lose some of its natural color, if you want your hair color darkened and on top of that, unrefined sesame oil contains a lot of nutrients that are beneficial for hair.

viii. Decolorized Iodine

White iodine or decolorized iodine used for hair loss has been found to be very effective for regrowing hair. You may only be able to find this online since many pharmacies have stopped caring it in stores. Don’t use the regular iodine which will be very staining.

2 teaspoons white iodine
2 teaspoons castor oil

Mix together and apply to the scalp. Leave on for at least an hour and shampoo in the morning or after at least an hour. Use at least twice a week.

Growth Oil Concoction (Simply a guide. You can use many oils and many combinations to suit you)

1/4 cup castor, emu, jojoba oil
1/4 cup pure vitamin e oil (get this from a health food store as most found in any other store are usually synthetic vitamin e oils)
15 drops rosemary essential oil
15 drops peppermint essential oil
15 drops lavender essential

Mix all ingredients and apply a little to the affected area once or twice a day and massage into the scalp. If you want a more buttery and less oily consistency, add some pure shea butter or pure extra virgin coconut oil (only in winter as in the summer, coconut oil will melt at room temperature).

NOTE: Although essential oils are some of the best natural home remedies for hair loss, it is important to be careful about using essential oils. Not only do many of them need to be diluted with a carrier oil such as olive, jojoba, castor, etc, but many of them such as rosemary essential oil should be avoided by those with various conditions such as epilepsy, high blood pressure, diabetes, pregnant women and children after five. If in doubt, ask your doctor whether it is safe to use these.

For the best carrier oils and essential oils, click here.

This is just a bit of information on natural home remedies for hair loss that are simple and effective. You don’t have to try all of them and if one doesn’t work for you, try another home remedy and you have to give these natural remedies time to work before you give up on the method.

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