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nubian heritage

I was just minding my own business and browsing online at ULTA when I came upon Nubian Heritage products. I had actually seen some new products from Nubian Heritage at ULTA as new releases a few days ago but all that was shown then were the various soaps sold by this brand and I wasn’t too enthused.

I have tried and liked the Nubian Heritage African Black soap but I always return to my tried and true SheaMoisture African Black Soap after I try other African black soaps. These two brands are under the same parent company by the way.

Anyway, I went back and I saw that they have added more products and the packaging looks a lot different from their usual and it’s very eye-catching. I’ve only used the black soap from this brand and have heard some good things about some other products from them but I always gravitate towards SheaMoisture, but after seeing some of the new Nubian Heritage Products at ULTA, it looks like I have some shopping to do!

nubian heritage at ulta

I didn’t see many Nubian Heritage hair care products though which you usually see at Walmart, Walgreen’s, etc. Maybe those will be added later. Besides the bar soaps, it looks like a lot of bath and body products to create the perfect spa experience at home (and even a deodorant!). I need the bath bombs!

For the various new Nubian Heritage products at ULTA, click here.

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