New Releases! Black Opal True Color Cream Stick Foundation Adds 4 More Colors

black opal cream stick foundation

I LOVE the Black Opal True Color Cream Stick Foundation and it’s a favorite for many people as well. I use the shades Suede Mocha (center of my face) and Black Walnut (perimeter of my face although it is a bit too neutral for my skin). While I love this foundation especially in the summer because it doesn’t move or melt off my face like some other foundations, the colors do not perfectly match my skin and I wished that they had more shades especially darker shades.

Which is why I was so excited when I received the email that there were four brand new shades which have been added to the existing lineup of the Black Opal True Color Cream Stick Foundation. Previously there were 10 shades available and with these additions, 14 are now available.

Anyway, my excitement was short-lived after I saw the new shades which are definitely not dark skin friendly. However, if you are fairer skinned and have struggled to find a shade in this foundation, you may be excited about the new shades so there’s that!

The new shades are champaign beige, amber, cool nude and cashew.

It is good that they are adding new shades and I hope that they continue adding more shades especially darker shades so that I can finally have the perfect match for my complexion and not make do with what’s available and even just use one foundation and not have to buy 2.

Check out the new shades of the Black Opal True Color Cream Stick Foundation at Black Opal Beauty. They should be available in stores (Wal-Mart for me) soon I should expect.

Are you excited about these new shades?

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