New Releases! Black Radiance Limited Edition Vivid Imagination Kit

black radiance

Just in time for the holidays, Black Radiance has released a couple of limited edition sets which they are calling the Vivid Imagination Kit. I love Black Radiance which is from the same company that also makes another brand that I love – Wet ‘n Wild. Black Radiance is specifically targeted to women of color and I have found many products in this line that I like with my favorite being the BB cream. I also love their lipsticks and blushes. So rich and perfect for darker skin tones.

Black Radiance usually releases limited edition sets each year during the holidays like every other brand and this year is no exception. These limited edition sets are to help you create intense and vivid looks per the name. The following are the two kits that have been released.

Vivid Imagination Kit – Bright Eyes

black radiance vivids

Vivid Imagination Kit – Striking Eyes

black radiance striking eyesBoth Vivid Imagination kits contain two vivid shimmering pigments which can be worn dry, wet, alone or layered. In addition, the kits come with a purse-friendly sized perfecting eye shadow primer, body building mascara as well as eyeliner pencil to transform eyes however you wish.

I haven’t seen these in my local Walgreens or Walmart but hopefully they will soon make their way there so I can pick them up. These are certainly interesting and I do want to test them out.

They are also available at for $9.99 (when you do sign up for an account, you can get 15% off your first order)

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