New Releases! Fashion Fair ColorDazzle Palette

fashion fair colordazzle paletteFashion Fair announced weeks ago that they would be releasing this Fashion Fair ColorDazzle Palette at the beginning of December which I was excited about since I am really looking to getting into a lot more Fashion Fair products. Fashion Fair is not just for our moms and grandmoms. They really have great products for all ages.

This Fashion Fair ColorDazzle Palette which comes in an aluminum casing was released a few days ago and features 20 eyeshadows, most of which actually look like they could be great colors for deeper skin tones like mine. Sure there are some that I probably wouldn’t touch simply because I am sure they will come off ashy on my dark skin.

I’m not too sure about the 6 blushes in the palette though. In the image above which I got from the Fashion Fair Instagram account, they don’t look as deep as I would like for darker skinned women like me.

But in the image below from the Macy’s website, the blushes look a little deeper so I guess the only way to know how these blushes and shadows translate to deeper skin would be to buy and swatch them for myself.

fashion fair colordazzle paletteI still wish the Fashon Fair ColorDazzle Palette blushes were much richer in color.

The instructions state that they can be used wet or dry for whatever day or night look you are going for.

None of the eyeshadows or blushes are named which per the instagram account is because they are not sold individually. There isn’t much information on the finishes of these shadows and blushes. They do look matte to me but they may contain other finishes since it can be so difficult to tell from online images.

Buy this palette at macy’s for $45 ($60 value) (ebates currently has 8% cash back for shopping at macy’s which is normally 3%!)

Have you tried Fashion Fair palettes before? Or other makeup products from this brand? Comment below.

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