New Releases – Juvia’s Place Nubian 2nd Edition Palette + Swatches

juvia's place nubian 2nd edition palette

Image source – @glambyisoken

Though I highly coveted it, I never got a chance to get my hands on the Nubian palette from Juvia’s Place. It didn’t help that when I wanted it, it was always out of stock. The Nubian is now back in stock in addition to the latest release – The Nubian 2nd Edition Palette. I’m loving the shades in this one just as much as I loved the shades in the previous palette (or maybe just a little bit more so!)

nubian 2nd edition palette

Image source – @juviasplace

Gorgeous colors!

We couldn’t ask for a better palette. Completely Revamped and Meticulously formulated to blend flawlessly. Perfect for every skin tone.
Create a wow smoky, neutral and classic looks, all in one palette. Nubian 2 is double the size of our Nubian palette.

Each Pan Net Weight : 3.5 g /0.12 OZ

The Nubian 2nd Edition Palette contains 12 eyeshadows and a comparison between this palette and the previous (Nubian) palette shows that the latest edition is definitely larger.

nubian 1 vs nubian II palette

Image source – @juviasplace

The above definitely explains the difference in price. They are very pigmented with minimal fallout. Just got mine and love it! Some swatches for the Nubian 2 are below. There are such gorgeous jewel tones in this palette.

juvia's place nubian second edition swatches

Image source – @dupethat


the nubian 2 swatches

Image source – @darkskinnedmakeupdaily

Another look on different skin tone;

juvia's place nubian 2nd edition swatches

Image source @sandijarquin

The Nubian Palette is $23.50 (if you still want the original) and the Nubian 2nd Edition Palette is $30.

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