NYX Matte Lipstick Goal Digger Review On Dark Skin

nyx matte lipstick goal digger review

I may be one of the few people who was never really into the NYX Matte Lipsticks and maybe it was the colors I had purchased to try because I ordered two, tried them on and promptly returned them as I didn’t like them. However, new shades were recently added (12 new shades) to the NYX Matte Lipstick line and I decided to try one of the interesting shades which is Goal Digger since I love vampy lip colors so much and wear them year round.

This NYX Matte Lipstick in Goal Digger is a deep plum but has some brownish tones to it. I have a lot of dark lipsticks but goal digger is really an unusual color and I don’t have anything like it. It is a very pretty color and it looks like it will be giving my favorite black liquid lipstick a run for its money even though I didn’t think any lipstick I own could.

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NYX Matte Lipstick Goal Digger Review


nyx matte lipstick goal digger ingredients


  • It’s very pigmented and I can easily get the color pay off that I need from this vampy lip from the first swipe. A lot of vampy lips also apply patchy but not goal digger.
  • It is very creamy and applies smooth with a nice matte finish.
  • Lips are left amazingly soft that I couldn’t stop pursing my lips together just to feel how soft and smooth my lips felt and the feeling is long lasting.
  • This matte lipstick is long wearing. I found that seven hours later, there was hardly any fading of the lipstick.
  • I am attached to lip liner and I even tried this lipstick with a black and dark brown lip liner but I have found that this is the only lipstick I own that I am comfortable wearing it without a lip liner as it look great even without lip liner.
  • No feathering or settling into any lines on the lips.
  • The quality is so amazing for the very inexpensive price of $5.99.
  • Not much of a smell to it.


  • While it is matte, it is not transfer proof and depending on how you eat or drink, you will need to reapply this lipstick.


I am loving this NYX Matte Lipstick in the shade goal digger and I may have to return for more of the newer shades and maybe even some of the older shades of this matte lipstick. This lipstick feels amazing and I can’t get enough of it.

While I have a lot of vampy lipsticks that I love, I seem to reach for my black lipstick the most but I am now also reaching for this NYX Matte Lipstick in goal digger just as frequently. Also, sometimes these really dark lipsticks don’t look right against my dark skin but goal digger looks great.

That’s my NYX Matte Lipstick goal digger review and swatches. I really highly recommend this lipstick and shade.

Grab this at ULTA for $5.99

Do you own any of these NYX Matte Lipsticks? Have you tried any of the newer shades?

2 thoughts on “NYX Matte Lipstick Goal Digger Review On Dark Skin

    • Lydia says:

      That’s interesting. After all these months I still love Gold Digger including the formula and haven’t experienced any feathering/bleeding from this lipstick. It’s one of my favorite lipsticks but everyone’s different.

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