Paula’s Choice Resist 10% Niacinamide Booster Review

paula's choice resist 10% niacinamide booster

I use many skin care products day and night which contain niacinamide (vitamin B3) as one of the top ingredients as this has been proven to be great for skin and an effective anti-aging ingredient. Since I already use products which contain this key ingredient, I didn’t think I needed this Paula’s Choice Resist 10% Niacinamide Booster. What pushed me to get it was the claim that in addition to smoothing skin, it helps minimize pores.

I have large pores which are the bane of my existence and anything which can help them appear smaller I’m all for so I bought this Paula’s Choice Resist 10% Niacinamide Booster. I’ve been using this for almost two months now.

Paula’s Choice Resist 10% Niacinamide Booster Review


This concentrated 10% niacinamide serum booster dramatically improves uneven skin tone and refines the appearance of pore size, skin texture, and fine lines.


paula's choice resist 10% niacinamide booster ingredients


paula's choice resist 10% niacinamide booster reviewpaula's choice resist 10% niacinamide booster

I like that this Paula’s Choice Resist 10% Niacinamide Booster does not come in a clear bottle. This choice of packaging prevents exposure to light which can degrade it. The dropper that it comes with also makes it very easy to dispense the very  watery product.


This booster is like water. The instructions state that you can use it on its own or add it to a serum, moisturizer, etc. Only two or three drops are necessary. I use it on its own on the days that I don’t use Retin-A. I apply 3 drops after cleansing directly on my problem areas with large pores (sides of my nose and forehead and any excess is spread over the rest of my face and neck) and then follow-up with a serum and moisturizer.

On the nights that I use Retin-A, I apply Retin-A first and then mix 3 drops of this booster with my serum and apply next, followed by my night cream and other products.

The instructions state that this can be used twice a day and sometimes I use it morning and night but most often than not, I use it once a day at night.

Niacinamide is not usually irritating unless it’s at a high strength such as this 10%. But this Paula’s Choice Resist 10% Niacinamide Booster did not irritate my skin unless I had been picking at my skin and it would sting on those areas when I applied this booster but otherwise it was non-irritating even when I used it twice a day.


Since niacinamide is one of the key ingredients in the products I already use, I only got this to see whether it would have an effect on my large pores. From using this for almost two months, I can say that it had absolutely no effect on the size of my pores which was a disappointment.

I honestly don’t see any reason to buy this separate niacinamide booster especially if niacinamide is already in the products you use. I noticed nothing special not just with my large pores but also with my skin texture from adding this booster to my skin care regimen.

Although I have been using this for almost two months, there’s still a lot left since you only use 2 or 3 drops so it will take a while to finish this 20 ml / 0.16 fl. oz. small bottle.


I noticed nothing special from using this Paula’s Choice Resist 10% Niacinamide Booster and it had no effect on my pores and so I don’t recommend it but of course everyone’s skin reacts differently. What may not work for me may work for you and vice versa.

But I do think that if you’re already using products that contain niacinamide, you probably don’t need this booster. If you’re not using niacinamide, you can use this booster to add this important ingredient to the products you’re currently using.

*** Also note that if you use vitamin C on your skin ( I don’t because my skin doesn’t like vitamin C), make sure that you don’t use niacinamide at the same time as there may be negative reactions when the two are combined (although there are certainly products that combine both but everyone reacts differently). You may have to alternate your usage of these two ingredients.

Available at Paula’s Choice for $42

Rating: 4/10

(I’m now 0/10+ on Paula’s Choice products. Despite rave reviews, nothing that I’ve tried from Paula’s Choice has worked for me. Are there any Paula’s Choice products that you like? Comment below.)


2 thoughts on “Paula’s Choice Resist 10% Niacinamide Booster Review

  1. Chantel says:

    I personally love the BHA 2% Liquid and the Shine Stopper is the only primer I use. I’ve recently been using the Vitamin C serum under my eyes before bed, but I’m not sure if it’s working yet.

    • Lydia says:

      I still have some of the BHA 2% left and may end up throwing it away because it has done nothing for me and I don’t like how greasy it leaves my skin. The Shine Stopper did not control shine. I don’t know about the Vitamin C serum. I tried the Vitamin C Booster and didn’t notice anything different about my skin. I think I may just have to give up on Paula’s Choice Chantel.

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