Should You Try The Freeman Diamond Mineral Rinse Mask?

Freeman Diamond Mineral Mask Review

I already have plenty of masks (store-bought and homemade) including a couple from Freeman but whenever I am in the grocery store, I like to see what other interesting masks (and skin care products!) are out there. As soon as I saw this Freeman Diamond Mineral Rinse Mask, I couldn’t resist. It also claims to boost brilliance and radiance. Who doesn’t want skin that is brilliant and radiant? Not me.

Per the packaging;

Dazzling Diamond Dust flecks glisten as you wear this clarifying clay mask…plus, they polish away dullness to reveal multi-faceted radiance! Our unique mask, with antioxidant sparkleberry, rinses clean for a lasting, super-cool finish. Perfect for all skin types.

I have combination skin with a very oily t-zone and do not usually pick products designed for all skin types but I thought, why not. I was bored with my usual masks and wanted to try something new so that was my excuse for picking it up and I was glad that I did.

After washing and drying my face, I applied this Freeman Diamond Mineral Rinse Mask to my face and although the directions say to leave on for 5-7 minutes, I’ve got stuff to do at home whenever I apply a mask and it is usually an hour or so before I get around to washing any masks off including this one.


It has a white creamy texture (kaolin is the fourth ingredient) which I was not a fan of. It also contains exfoliating particles (pumice) which made it seem to me like a creamy scrub but the particles were a lot larger than I am comfortable with so I was very gentle when applying this mask so that I did not “scrub” my face but merely placed the mask on my face and neck.

However, these exfoliants are still smaller than those in the St Ives Apricot scrub so some people may not mind using this mask as a scrub as well.

There is a slight tingling sensation when you apply the mask but it is not uncomfortable.

Freeman Diamond Mineral Mask


This Freeman Diamond Mineral Rinse Mask pleasant light fruity fragrance.

After washing it off…

I didn’t notice much of a difference but it did not dry out my skin and my face felt very soft. However, the next day, my skin looked amazing! My skin was so smooth and radiant and my very large pores around my nose definitely looked smaller. They weren’t gone, but they definitely looked much smaller than usual so I was definitely impressed with this mask.

Would I use this again?

Yes I would and I have used it a few times already and will probably buy more packets.


  • Skin does look radiant
  • Smaller pores
  • Although it says that the product in the packet (0.5 fl oz or 15 ml) is good for 4 uses, I found that it is only enough for two uses which is still 1 use more than other similar packets I have used in the past.
  • I had fewer blackheads after using this mask.
  • It is paraben free.
  • The packets are travel friendly.
  • Packets cost less than $2 at Wal-Mart.



  • I found that I had to apply a bit more elbow grease especially on my neck just to make sure that all the product was removed otherwise you will be left with a little bit of a film.
  • Did not care for the creamy texture.
  • Could have done without the scrubbing particles which were too large for my liking although some people may not mind this.
  • Have only seen these packets at Wal-Mart where I don’t shop too often.
  • Results do not last more than a day or two which is typical of these masks though.
  • Almost $2 for two uses which when you compare it to my other Freeman masks that came in a tube and cost less than $5 and even after multiple uses, I still have enough for multiple uses, so spending almost $2 for two uses does not seem like a good deal.

Overall rating: 8/10

I hope this Freeman Diamond Mineral Mask review was helpful to you. You should definitely give it a try if you are looking for a mask as it is a great mask.

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