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target beauty box review

This is my first Target Beauty Box – whoo hoo! – which I mentioned here on the day it was released so I was excited to get it. It came in a simple black box with red wrapping. It cost me $10 plus tax and they stated that it was worth $50 with free shipping. A men’s beauty box was also released at the same time. And of course both sold out within hours of release!

The Target beauty box included 8 products with 3 full size products which were a lipstick, mascara and eyeshadow which is usually the standard for these types of boxes. Very rarely is the full-size product anything but a lipstick or mascara.

Her Holiday Box unboxing

This Target Beauty Box came with a card that detailed all the products included and also included a $3 off coupon for beauty purchases of at least $15 to be used in store or online which is great. I’ve had these products for a little over a day and only used a couple of these products so far.

1. Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream

target beauty box laneige

After I found out that the Target Beauty Box was available for purchase, I actually wasn’t sure whether I wanted to get it although I liked some of the products in the box. It took me about 5 hours before I took the plunge and got it and what caused me to buy this box was this cream.

I had seen this on some “best of” lists but it’s more on the expensive side and without knowing how it performed, it was doubtful that I would buy this cream but since a sample was available in this box, it pushed me into getting this Target Beauty Box.

The sample is 20 ml / 0.6 fl. oz. The full-size is 50ml

I actually didn’t realize that this is a Korean beauty product (thought it was French from the name) and I haven’t had any luck with the few Korean beauty products I’ve tried so far but I’m liking this cream thus far which also makes me want to try the other Laneige products such as the Water Sleeping Mask.

The full-size is available for $32

2. CeraVe Eye Repair Cream

target beauty box cerave eye repair cream

I am also liking this eye cream so far and will probably purchase the full-size once I use the sample up. It is doing a great job of moisturizing my very dry eye area.

The sample is 2.5g / .08 oz. compared to the full-size which is 0.5oz.

The full-size is available for $9.79

3. Covergirl Star Wars Lipstick

Covergirl star wars mascara red #30

I was afraid that I wouldn’t like the lipstick that would be sent to me from this limited edition line but I actually like it. It is an orangey red shade (Red #30) with sparkle to it but it is wearable. I can definitely see myself wearing this once in a while. I want to try the dark plum though. This is a full-size product.

The full-size is available for $5.99

4. Olay Regenerist Microsculpting Cream

target beauty box olay

Can’t remember the last time I tried an Olay product so I can’t wait to try this especially since I am very interested in anti-aging products. It states that it contains anti-aging ingredients that penetrate up to 10 layers deep into the skin’s surface to boost hydration and brightness while reducing the appearance of fine lines.

I will be trying this after I use up the Laneige cream. Received the travel size product at 0.5oz. / 14g. compared to the full-size which is

The travel size is available for $9.99

5. Maybelline Push Up Drama The Falsies Mascara

target beauty box maybelline the falsies mascara

I have been wanting to try this new mascara from Maybelline for a while so I was glad that it came in this box. Haven’t used it yet but plan to do so in a day or so. Received a full-size of this mascara.

The full-size is available for $7.49

6. Pacifica Love 3 Natural Mineral Coconut Eye Shadow Trio

target beauty box her holiday review

I probably will not be using this because the shadows from swatching them, look so ashy and are not dark skin friendly. Received the full-size.

The full-size is available for $9.49

7. Goody Ouchless Elastics Sweat Stretch

target beauty box goody ouchless sweat

These would be great if I used elastics to hold my hair but I don’t. The sample includes 3 sweat stretch elastics.

Couldn’t find these on sale at the site.

8. Hair Food Dry Shampoo

target beauty box hair food dry shampoo

This is another product I probably will not use since I don’t have any need for dry shampoo since I don’t have oily hair and when I do shampoo my hair, I like water to be present.

Received a travel size which is 1.7fl.oz. / 50g.

The travel size is available for $4.99

All of these products seem to add up to a little over $50 so it was a great deal even when I exclude the products I don’t plan on using.

All in all, I am happy with this Target Beauty Box and will probably purchase future boxes if they do not sell out before I’m aware of their existence which is what has happened the other times that this box was released.

Unlike other subscription services, the Target Beauty Box seems to be released randomly and is not on a set schedule but I guess the good thing about this is that you don’t get a beauty box that you don’t want which is what can happen with other subscription services that feature a monthly fee.

With the Target Beauty Box, you only buy if you like the contents of the box. The only thing is you have to be vigilant so that you are aware when they are released. Click here for the official beauty box page that you can check periodically to see whether a new box has been released before deciding whether you want to buy it or not.

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