The Best Way To Experiment With Ben Nye Powders Cheaply!

ben nye banana powder review

Ben Nye powders (especially the banana powder) have a cult following. I currently have the Topaz and Ebony powders (I could never be convinced that the banana powder would work with my dark skin!).

Though I like these two powders, I am not in love with them and think that there are other powders that would work better for my complexion and since I am on a mission to find the perfect powder to set my powder and highlight, I came across a way to test out various powders.

I love Ben Nye powders not only because they are finely milled and will last a lifetime even when you get the smallest size but also because they are so mattifying for my combination/oily skin and they never look caked on even when you are heavy-handed with the application unlike other powders.

While most people talk about the Ben Nye banana powder, it is important to remember especially if you are not fair-skinned that Ben Nye makes other colors as well. Since I am experimenting with various powders to find one that I love, I was so thrilled to discover that Makeup Mania offers samples of not only Ben Nye powders but other powders and products as well (although they prefer that you ask for samples of powders and foundations).

All you need to do to sample powders or foundations or other products is to purchase a sample pack for $2.99 and request samples of three products. Below are some of the powders I requested (3 Ben Nye Powders and 3 Graftobian powders).

best ben nye powders

Ben Nye Neutral Set, Dark Cocoa and Chestnut and Graftobian Coconut Cream, Chocolate Mousse and Pecan

I have since purchased more samples of Ben Nye powders (including the banana powder to see what the fuss is all about!) as well as powders from other brands. The samples sizes that you will receive are also more than enough for you to adequately test the products and not like other samples were you barely have enough for one application.

The samples I received will probably last me several months before I finish them which should be enough time to determine what works for my skin and what doesn’t. If a particular color doesn’t work, I would not have wasted money on the full size product. I wish I has known about this before I purchased the full size Ben Nye topaz and ebony powders!

ben nye neutral set

Ben Nye Neutral Set Powder

What you need to do to get Ben Nye powder samples or samples of other products is to add Deluxe Samples to your cart and during the check out process, there will be a section for you to add a comment or special instructions and you can request the 3 samples you want in this section. If you need more samples, you will need to make another purchase of Deluxe Samples and repeat the process for the three more samples you want.

But be aware that because these samples will be individually created, it may take a while to get the products but from my experience, it has taken about a week before the samples are shipped out and a few days for the postal service to deliver the samples.

To find out more about getting samples of Ben Nye powders or other powders and products click here.

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