Top 3 Best Home Remedies

best home remediesI am always searching for the best home remedies especially when I am dealing with some health issue which thank God have been few and far between. But I am always on the internet looking for a home remedy or the benefits of some herb or another. Only if the home remedy does not work do I turn to OTC medication or visit a doctor.

Yeah I hate taking medications almost to a fault and even though going to the doctor is very important, I usually drag my feet to get there and only if a natural solution isn’t working. Thank goodness most natural remedies have worked for me but I use them mostly as a preventative step because they work much better as a preventative step than when used to treat an actual health issue.

If you are looking for the best home remedies around, there are several different options and choices that are accessible to you. With several hundreds of different remedies available to try, some are going to be much more effective than others are but this is to be expected because we are all different because what may work for one may not work for another.

Best home remedies

apple cider vinegar home remedies1. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is probably one of the most popular home remedies around. ACV seems to make an appearance in many home remedies whether used externally or internally.

The usages for apple cider vinegar are enormous; they can range from helping to control allergies that can range from pets and even foods, to helping to reduce the occurrence of sinus infections. There are even many claims that using apple cider vinegar can fight various diseases and conditions including fatigue, acid reflux, sore throats, weight loss, psoriasis, diabetes, etc.

I have personally taken a tablespoon of ACV diluted in a glass of water first thing in the morning for years now and don’t plan on stopping ever.

Many people also use ACV as an effective skin or hair treatment and though I have used it in this way, I don’t like to waste ACV externally. I prefer to use it internally but that’s just me.

I encourage everyone to keep this in your house and always suggest that you get the best which for me is the Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar with the “mother” which comes in a glass bottle. You need to make sure that you get one which comes with the “mother” because this is where all the nutrients and other beneficial properties of ACV reside. Just shake the bottle up just before using ACV. For more on the benefits of ACV and as well as various recipes on how you can use ACV, click here.

2. Hydrogen peroxide

peroxide home remedies

Another of the best home remedies is hydrogen peroxide which has antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties. You can use it for anything such as cleaning and treating wounds, cleaning out excessive earwax, etc. It is also recommended for teeth whitening, is an effective household cleaner, and so on and so forth, but it is not recommended that you swallow it because doing so can lead to fatal results.

3. Baking soda

baking soda home remediesBaking soda is a hugely popular home remedy. One of its uses that surprised me was that it could be used to cleanse hair which I did one time and was surprised at how clean and soft my hair was after rinsing this out. The only thing that stopped me from using it again in my hair was that its abrasive nature did not sit comfortably with me for use in my hair but many people love using it as a natural shampoo with no issues.

But you can use baking soda for many other things. You can use it for household cleaning. A small amount of baking soda mixed with some water makes a fantastic facial scrub which I have used many times and it is great for treating acne and other issues with skin. Other usages include treating stains and even killing bacteria as well eliminating odors, etc. If your carpet is stinky, simply spread baking soda on your carpet, let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes and vacuum.

These are some of the best home remedies that many people have incorporated into their lives with great results.

Do you use home remedies? What are some of your favorites? Comment below.

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