Top 5 Amazing Supplements For Hair Growth And Thickness

supplements for hair growth and thickness

My hair naturally grows at a snail’s pace. Far below the average hair growth rate of about half an inch per month. And it is thin too which is why in addition to protective styling, I also use various supplements for hair growth and thickness and I can say that they have honestly made a great difference in my hair growth/thickness. If you are in the same boat, you may want to try some of the following supplements for hair growth and thickness. But always remember that they do not take the place of a balanced diet.

You don’t have to use all of the following amazing supplements for hair growth. Just pick one or two and use those. I personally will use one for a few months and to keep my body from getting used to it, I will switch to another for a few months and change back. This has worked for me.

In addition, if one doesn’t work for you, try another. There are many ways to get to longer hair. If one method doesn’t work for you, it just means that you need to try another. Always remember to discuss any supplements you are considering taking with your doctor first.

Supplements for hair growth and thickness

1. Dimethylglycine (DMG)

This is obtained from an amino acid known as glycine that is found in large quantities in connective tissues as well as the skin. There are many benefits to DMG besides its benefits for hair. If dealing with diabetes or high blood pressure, DMG can help normalize blood sugar and blood pressure. It is beneficial for the immune system as well as causing a significant reduction in the amount of dangerous fats in the blood.

As far as the hair is concerned, DMG improves scalp circulation to ensure that the scalp receives the oxygen and nutrients it needs which is important to maintain healthy scalp which then helps to stimulate hair growth.

2. Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

MSM is one of my favorite supplements for hair growth and thickness. It works because of the sulfur it contains. Sulfur is an important hair building property found in hair. Besides being highly concentrated in hair, skin and nails, it is also found in lesser quantities in every cell in the body. MSM is a type of organic sulfur. MSM is commonly found in eggs, vegetables, poultry, dairy and poultry. Among its many helpful jobs in the body is its ability to make the structural tissue found in hair, skin and nails and those taking this supplement have reported thicker, stronger and hair with great shine.

3. Biotin

Another alternative to taking MSM is to take biotin supplements which also contain significant amounts of hair building sulfur which is indispensable for hair growth.

300 micrograms of biotin is of biotin is the recommended dosage although many take supplements that are in the thousands micrograms which are also safe. The highest I have taken was 5,000 mcg. I tried taking 10,000mcg but it didn’t work for me. 10,000mcg works for some people but just not for me.

Many who take biotin with these higher dosages have reported the development of acne particularly cystic acne. I developed acne in the beginning as well as when I tried to take 10,000mcg.

If you develop acne, simply up your water intake to help flush out your system or take a lower dosage or opt for a different hair growth supplement. Once I increased my water intake the acne went away and returning to 5,000 mcg from 10,000 mcg also helped my acne go away.

4. Viviscal

Another of the best supplements for hair growth and thickness is Viviscal. The formulation for this food supplement contains the mineral silica which has an ability to regrow hair and also contain a fish oil extract. Many scientific studies have backed up Viviscal’s ability to regrow hair as as well other positive benefits for hair although it is still unclear as to why this product is so beneficial for hair although silica is thought to be what leads to these benefits.

5. Royal Jelly

Worker bees produce this white, milky substance that they feed to the queen bee. This stuff is what is believed to turn a normal bee into the larger, long living and more fertile queen bee.

In the capsule form, it is rich in many beneficial vitamins for the body as well as hair building minerals such as iron, calcium, silica and sulfur. Be aware that this may cause an allergic reaction in certain individuals.

These are some of the best supplements for hair growth and thickness. MSM and biotin have done wonders for my hair. I would like to try royal jelly next to see how my hair responds. It is good to change up supplements to keep your body on its toes. Have you tried any of these hair growth supplements? Did they work for you?

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