UK Beauty Brand Sleek MakeUP Is Now Available At ULTA!

sleek makeup

Various YouTube beauty gurus introduced me to Sleek MakeUP many years ago. There was a palette that they all seemed to love but unfortunately, because I would have to order it from the UK, it kind of dampened my enthusiasm being the instant gratification person that most of us are. Sure I could have ordered the palette from Amazon but of course the pricing was different and I’m usually a little suspicious of makeup on Amazon.

ULTA has come to the rescue because Sleek MakeUP is now available online. It’s probably also available in stores. They recently released the Solstice Highlighting Palette shown above which I had been eyeing and now I can get it from ULTA. What makes this UK brand great too is that it is a drugstore brand which means it’s relatively inexpensive.

For more info on what’s available at ULTA from Sleek MakeUp which is a lot more than what’s shown above, click here.


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