Unboxing | TARGET April 2017 Beauty Box + Mini Reviews

Target april 2017 beauty box

This TARGET April 2017 Beauty Box sure surprised me. I hadn’t initially planned to get this box when this and another launched for April as they both looked underwhelming but decided to get this. I got this mainly because of the SheaMoisture samples included but I ended up really loving this box.

I think this TARGET April 2017 Beauty Box may be my favorite beauty box to date and except for two items, I would purchase the full-size items and I am actually planning to purchase some products which except for one item I purchased in one of the previous boxes has never happened before. I even went back to see whether this box was still available so I could buy it again but alas, it sold out even though the second TARGET beauty box is still available. This is the best $7 I’ve spent!

Let’s get on with the unboxing and mini reviews of this TARGET April 2017 Beauty Box shall we?

Target april 2017 beauty box unboxing

April Naturals BEauty BoX Unboxing

Per the name, this was the “naturals” box which from the box it came in to the products it included, followed the natural theme. The products were from many brands that use a lot of (if not all) all-natural ingredients. Nine sample products were included in this Target April 2017 beauty box as well as the usual $3 off coupon to be applied to a future beauty purchase of $15 or more. Will definitely be using this coupon code.

The following were included in this TARGET April 2017 Beauty Box;

Target april 2017 beauty box review

  1. SheaMoisture Kukui Nut Facial Cream Cleanser $9.99 – This was probably the winner! Will be purchasing the full size. Great ingredients and you only need a small amount. Cleans amazingly well including removing makeup. I really love the texture as it glides on the skin and spreads so easily. I just love this. This is probably going to replace my current CeRave cream cleanser. I do wish the full size was bigger than the 4oz available now and that this small amount didn’t cost $10 but I love it so will be getting it regardless. The sample I received was only good for two uses. This is described as being great for aging skin. I will be giving the Mud Mask from this line a try too.
  2. SheaMoisture Kukui Youth Infusing Face & Neck Crème $14.99 – This is the matching moisturizer to the above cleanser and came attached as a sample packet (this is a newer line from SheaMoisture). This is a rich conditioner which is not too thick or too thin. You also only need a small amount. Despite containing tiny light reflectors for luminosity, this leaves a very matte finish although your skin still feels deeply moisturized. It is also great underneath makeup. If you’re looking for a matte moisturizer, I highly recommend this one. I’m still undecided about whether I will purchase this one though because I really love my CeRave moisturizer. It smells great too but is not overpowering. It is in a jar though which is unfortunate.
  3. Burt’s Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes $2.37 – This included 10 towelettes. If I still used makeup wipes, I would definitely buy this but I oil cleanse when I have makeup to remove. This did an excellent job of removing my makeup including eye makeup and though it stings ever so slightly if you do get it in the eye (as I was attempting to get all my eyeliner off), it is nothing so unbearable that it would prevent me from using it again in this manner. This was not too wet or too dry. And it smells great too.
  4. Raw Sugar Lemon Sugar Body Wash $6.99 – Smells absolutely fantastic and lingered for a little while after stepping out of the shower. It also did a great job at cleaning my body and after 3 uses, I still have quite a bit of the sample left. Will be purchasing this although I don’t like to spend more than $5 on body washes but this smells absolutely divine. It is currently on sale for $5.24 though I don’t know how long this will last for.
  5. Acure Pore Minimizing Facial Scrub $12.99 – I prefer a chemical exfoliant for exfoliation and haven’t used a physical scrub for a very long time but I think I will be adding this scrub to my skin regimen. It is so gentle that although it is recommended to use 3 times a week for  for best results, I think it’s gentle enough to use every day which is what I plan to do. Now while I love this scrub, if you love very abrasive scrubs like the St. Ives Apricot Scrub, you may not like this scrub. The St. Ives is too abrasive for me and I always gravitated to gentle scrubs like this. It also includes Moroccan red clay which gives it a reddish color and I definitely noticed that my large pores appeared smaller after use. Hopefully with continued use, it will pull more and more out of my pores to shrink them further. I don’t mind the smell either. It starts to foam up as you rinse it off so I never need a separate cleanser before or after especially when I use it in the morning.
  6. Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Mud Mask Single Use $2.52 – This contains 0.5% salicylic acid and I immediately noticed a difference in my breakouts soon after rinsing and drying my face and by the next morning, my breakouts were looking less intense and on their way back from whence they came. I would definitely buy this as you can see an immediate difference. It also includes charcoal which is great for clear skin. There is a full-size (2 fl. oz.) for $15.99 at TARGET
  7. Hello Extra Whitening Pure Mint Fluoride Toothpaste $4.49 – I definitely need to test this out a lot longer especially for the whitening claims but I like it so far. It’s not as thick as other toothpaste (including natural ones) that I’ve used in the past and I like the after taste it lives in my mouth after rinsing. I have sensitive teeth but this toothpaste has been great so far and if it does whiten as I continue to test it out, this will be a great addition for me since a lot of whitening toothpastes are too irritating for my teeth.
  8. Juice Organics Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner $9.99 each – I have 4C very dry hair and I was not impressed with this shampoo and conditioner and despite the somewhat large sample tubes they came in, there wasn’t enough product in them. They were only good for one use which was good I guess since I didn’t intend to use them again. The shampoo stripped my hair and the conditioner didn’t provide much moisture and I didn’t notice any volume.

All in all, this TARGET April 2017 Beauty Box was a winner. The only products I don’t intend to purchase are the shampoo and conditioner. Everything else was great and I recommend the individual products.


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