Wellness Wednesday | 3 Health Benefits Of Yogurt

yogurt for yeast infections

It’s all in the bacteria that yogurt contains known as healthy bacteria (live cultures) which are necessary for promoting general health and well-being. To get the most of this bacteria from yogurt, it’s important to avoid the low-fat and every other variation of yogurt (e.g. the fruity kind, high sugar content kind, etc). Not frozen yogurt either. Choose plain yogurt if you want the healing benefits of yogurt. Make sure it says “contains active cultures” and not “made from active cultures”

3 Reasons to Eat Yogurt

  1. Yeast Infections

Yeast or candida is normally found all over the body but yeast infections usually develop when this yeast in the body grows to excessive levels. One of the ways that the body uses to control yeast levels is with the use of healthy bacteria. There are many ways that this healthy bacteria can be destroyed which eliminates this important yeast infection deterrent such as when you use antibiotics.

Antibiotics destroy all bacteria (good and bad) and once the healthy bacteria in the body is destroyed, it allows yeast levels to increase to excessive levels leading to infection. This is why you need yogurt if you need to be eating yogurt daily if you’re struggling with yeast infections as it’s one of the best home remedies for yeast infections as it helps to repopulate the body with healthy bacteria which fight infections.

Besides eating it, you can make a natural douche using yogurt if you’re dealing with vaginal yeast infections. To make this natural douche, add 3 tablespoons of yogurt to one quart of warm water and douche for at least 10 minutes for this to be effective.

For more on treating yeast infections naturally and prevent their return, click here.

2. Boost Immunity

This healthy bacteria in addition to helping fight yeast infections also helps to strengthen your immune system so it is better able to fight off sickness and disease.

3. Prevents and heals ulcers

Ulcers result from bad bacteria in the digestive tract. When you eat yogurt containing live cultures, it helps to populate the digestive tract which helps to keep this bad bacteria under control. When more of this healthy bacteria takes up space in the digestive tract, it will compete for space in this part of the body with harmful bacteria which helps to prevent the latter from thriving in the digestive tract.

Yogurt is also a rich source of lactose which is a natural sugar. This lactose is turned into lactic acid in the body which promotes a healthy environment in the intestine.

Getting the most from yogurt;

  • As mentioned earlier, choose plain yogurt. You may add fresh berries, nuts, etc to this if you wish.
  • It’s best to eat it cold because heat will kill this bacteria. Make sure you check the label to ensure that the yogurt has not been heat-treated because heat-treated yogurt does not contain any live cultures.
  • Get the freshest which contains the most live cultures. The yogurt you eat for health reasons should contain at least 1 billion live cultures per serving. Most fresh yogurt contains about 100 million bacteria per gram or so but the longer the yogurt is on the shelf, the more this number of live cultures is reduced so make sure that you buy yogurt which is less than a week old.
  • The best places to get healing fresh yogurt with the most live cultures is health stores which sell a great deal of yogurt normally so you have a better chance of getting yogurt straight off the truck at these places.

Is plain yogurt a part of your daily diet? It should be if it’s not.


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