Wellness Wednesday | If You’re Serious About Kegel Exercises, The Elvie Kegel & Pelvic Floor Exercise Tracker Is For You

elvie kegel exercisesI admit that I giggled a little bit when this Elvie Kegel & Pelvic Floor Exercise Tracker grabbed my attention at the NORDSTROM website. From all I know, kegel exercises are free and can be done anyone with no one being the wiser so I was surprised there was something you can buy to help with kegel exercises.

But seeing this tracker reminded me how beneficial kegel exercises are and not just to “tighten” you up but are excellent for gynecological health and well-being. I admit that I have been lax with my kegel exercises and can’t really remember the last time I did them and even when I did them, I wasn’t that commited so seeing this tracker definitely gave me pause.

Benefit Of kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are designed to strengthen and tone the PC (pubococcygeus) muscle which is located between the vaginal and anal area. Performing specific exercises helps tone the pelvis leading to better circulation (blood and nutrients) and promoting hormone balance. Hormone imbalance can cause many gynecological issues so doing everything you can to keep your hormones balanced is important for women concerned about gynecological health. These exercises can help.

Other benefits of kegel exercises include preventing incontinence, reducing congestion in the pelvic area, helping with natural childbirth, etc. If you need tips on how and when (anywhere really even while typing up this post!), for how long, etc, click here.

Or if you are very serious about kegel exercises, getting this Elvie Kegel & Pelvic Floor Exercise Tracker may be something to think about but at $199 at NORDSTROM, that may be a steep price to pay.

elvie Kegel & Pelvic Floor Exercise Tracker

Sleek, small and secure, this award-winning kegel exercise tracker is expertly designed to help you tone and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles—which play a critical role in core stability, childbirth, bladder control and sex. Simply insert your Elvie, connect to the companion app via Bluetooth® and track your strength in real time, with guided workout games that offer instant visual biofeedback. Whether you’re looking to challenge your fast-twitch muscles with Speed or build endurance with Hold, you can choose from six unique five-minute exercise routines designed to give your pelvic floor a full workout. Set tailored targets based on your strength, track your results week-by-week on the dashboard, and go from novice to guru in no time.

For more information on the Elvie, click here.



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